How To Market Yourself

4 April 2015
The following paper discusses how to market yourself effectively in the work place and how to acquire the jobs that are most preferred by you.

This essay is an analysis of the writer?s own self and the ways in which he needs to market himself in order to get a specific job. The discussion is divided into three steps. These steps are: Situation Analysis, Personal Marketing Plan Objectives and Personal Marketing Strategy.

From the paper:

?Personality and Attitudes are the two most important factors that determine ones success and happiness in a job. Hence, the analysis of ones personality and attitudes form the first logical step towards self marketing. I list the five most important attributes of my personality and attitude that I tend to use successfully at various work scenarios:
o I am quite attentive to details
o I am confident
o I am good natured
o I am practical
o I am supportive to others?

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