How to overcome your fear of swimming

1 January 2018

My swimming lesson

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On my swimming lesson mam told us to do in the baby pool we were really shocked that we are so big for the baby pool so how we will swim in it, mam also gave us floaters to swim in the baby pool and she asked us to swim in the baby pool then she asked us to kick our legs in the baby pool. Then, after all, we some fun by throwing water on over the last three weeks my class has been participating in learn to swim lessons put on by our local swimming pool.

As with many things like this. It is easy to gripe about disruptions to the classroom programmes in the middle of a busy term. However, after the first session realized these three weeks of learning to swim in the classroom programme.

Overseas readers might not appreciate how much of an influence the water has on New Zealand life. We are an island nation and most of the population lives on the coast. Our summers are spent floating in pools, rivers, and oceans.

Despite being surrounded by water, New Zealanders as a group don’t know how to swim. Our drowning rates are one of the worst in the developed world and twice that of Australia.

At the start of our lessons, I was concerned by the significant number of students in the class could not swim a lap of the 25-meter pool. Over the last few weeks, there has been some amazing progress made by the kids.

As the lessons progressed, what I found myself really looking forward to was the walk to the pools. The walk down is just under 10 minutes. After the swim lessons, we often walk to the adjacent park for a run around as the lesson time often cut into morning teas and lunches.

Those walks were a time often to have a catch up with students. The kids that might not talk so much in class, the ones whose behavior might challenge you. The walk gave time to reconnect with learners. Our routine got a shake up and there was time to have those chats.

Time is arguably the most precious commodity in schools. Demands of curriculum must-dos, special events, those activities that foster relationships often get quickly get pushed aside as the school year gets in the way.

Yet kids change so much in just a few short months.

By taking a walk, time and space were recreated to reconnect with the learners in the class.

I had goofy discussions.

I learned about Pou.

I answered some tough questions about life and death.

All on the quick walk to the pool. each other then our time was over but we all enjoyed our swimming lesson a lot.

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