How to Plan a Surprise Party

5 May 2017

Planning a surprise party is never easy, but it is often the most rewarding. When planning, keep in mind how many people to invite, the location, and a theme. Whether it is a large or small party, taking a few minutes to create a plan ensures the party will be a success. Deciding the location is the most important aspect because it affects all others: the guest list, the budget, the menu, and to an extent, the theme. It needs to be large enough to accommodate everyone invited, have a large enough food preparation area, and ample space for the decorations. It is important to find a place that will not cause the person to become suspicious.

It is necessary to know the person well in order to pick a theme they will appreciate. When choosing a theme, it is also necessary to think about how easy or difficult it will be to incorporate throughout all aspects of the party. The internet is a great place to find creative themes for any type of party; and with party supply stores, it is much easier to find decorations to go along with most themes. A well chosen theme helps tie everything together. Once the location is chosen and the theme is planned, it is time to plan the menu and begin buying the supplies. When planning the menu, keep in mind the time of he party.

It will help to determine whether to serve light hors d’oeuvres or a full meal. The menu also needs items for guests with special diets, such as vegetarians. Items should be easy to cook ahead of time and be stored easily. Limiting the menu to food items that are simple to refill and maintain is a good idea. Although planning a surprise party is often the most difficult, it is always worth it. Preparation is the key to any successful party, but the extra work put into keeping the party a secret pays off in the end. The look on their face and the appreciation they show is the ultimate reward.

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