How to prepare for exams

6 June 2016

1. Prepare well for your tests and assignments
Avoid cramming of concepts and take help of teachers to understand the topics that are not clear Set study targets for yourself at regular time-intervals and try your level best to achieve them Write and learn-It is the best technique of memorizing lessons When you start studying, learn the major concepts first

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Make notes as and when you read each chapter as this will help you in revising the subject quickly for the final exam While going through the topic, try to create questions that could possibly be asked Create mnemonics to remember the content of lengthy topics

Make flash cards for important formulae and equations and put them up on the wall so that you glance through it every time you pass through that area Use of multi-coloured pens will make studying interesting

Before appearing for the final exam, going through past year question papers is a must Learn from your mistakes in previous tests as they are meant to highlight your short-comings

2. Change your attitude
Do NOT predict failure even before you start preparing for the exam “Failing to plan means planning to fail” so making and following of a study time-table is a must Study efficiently and systematically and do not think about the final result Do not fear any subject and you should believe in yourself and in the fact that you will sail through Whenever you sit for studying, make sure that your back is straight and your shoulders are not drooping If you do well in the subject that you find difficult, reward yourself and that will be a great source of motivation for you

3. While taking an Exam
Before you enter the examination hall, have the confidence that you are well prepared and come what may, you will do you level best Do not start solving the question paper as soon as it is handed to you; take a minute to relax and skim through the paper to get a feel of the questions that have been asked Don’t be in a hurry to answer the questions and read the question properly before writing the answer If you don’t know the answer to the first question, do NOT panic. Begin solving the paper with the questions you are confident about and then go back to the questions where you are doubtful Make sure that you time yourself well

Write as per the demand of the question and do not waste precious time on writing very long answers where it is not required Revise your answers because while revising many-a-times you may come across spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes or some more points may strike you

4. Don’t forget the basics
Take proper nutritional meals
Continue your social and recreational activities but they should be in balance with your studies Sleep properly during the night before the exam
While travelling to your examination centre, do something that relaxes you

Attend all the parent-teacher meetings to be aware of how your child is performing Help your child with his studies and take interest in what he is studying Make your child realize the importance of studies from time to time Motivate your child to take up extra-curricular activities which will help in his over-all development Send your child to school in a happy mood, especially on the day of the exam Do NOT burden your child if he is not doing well, be patient and work with him Constant motivation is necessary

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