How to Promote Inclusion

10 October 2016

Promoting inclusion, equality and diversity to future learners, would be a way to help and support your students through out the course. As a tutor you would be setting the best example to all students by not discriminating in any way towards students. At the start of the term/course these values should be discussed with the students. A tutor should also be familiar with key aspects of current legislation and codes of practice relevant to the subject and organization. Inclusivity

A tutor needs to involve all students in activities, being careful not to leave any one out. There may be students with learning difficulties in which case you may have to alter your scheme of work, or there may be a student with cultural differences which may mean that the handouts would have to be translated for them to read. Equality Every student has a right to participate and attend courses regardless. There may be students of different race, religion, disability or elderly students, all should be treated in the same way with the same rights to obtain a ualification. Diversity As a tutor you will come across lots of different students through many courses. All students are different, not just with race or disabilities, but also in personality. You have to value all students regardless. Referral There is help for students if they are having difficulties in a group or they are finding the course difficult. As a tutor you should know when a student may be having problems, therefore you can refer them to another tutor for one to one sessions, where the student may then find things easier.

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