How to protect natural environment?

6 June 2017

Nowadays we live in a global consumer society. People around the whole world buy, use, and dispose of a big variety of products which make our lives easier and more comfortable. However, the result of this is massive damage to our environment and protection becomes harder. This essay will show how people and authorities need to protect properly our planet. Firstly, recycling is a very basic but important action that everyone should adopt now. If we do not recycle, factories will have to process the raw material and this will result n more heat release into the environment.

What is more, a very simple way to recycle is to separate our rubbish into metal, glass and papers. Similary to recycling, we should reuse things that can be use again such as shopping bags and food containers. Food containers can be kept and put aside. Moreover, it can be use to keep food when needed.

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Shopping bags can also be use to carry things more than once. In addition, we should use renewable source of energy. For example, meaning urbines can harvest wind for electricity repeatedly without depleting the Earth’s natural resources.

Wind is a renewable source of energy, meaning turbines can harvest wind for electricity repeatedly without depleting the Earth’s natural resources. Furthermore, taking a bike or walking is healthier than taking a car which pollutes air to the atmosphere. Not only we can protect our planet by making sure that our light is turned off, but also you can give up smoking because not using cigarettes may prevent the ozone layer from depleting. To sum up,

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