How to read newspaper

Divide it into three main portions MCQs National Issues International Issues MCQS This portion will be reserved for sifting material for MCQs of current affairs paper. Following are key areas for MCQs Names of Presidents , Prime Ministers and other heads of states of key countries Capital cities of the important countries of the world Heads of international organizations such as World Bank , IMF , ADB etc News agencies Currencies Major international events Major international sports events etc Make sub sections of various national issues confronting Pakistan that are likely to be asked in the forthcoming CSS examination.

For Example Balochistan issue Water crisis Energy crisis Sustainability of economy Terrorism NFC award etc Make sub sections of various international issues confronting the world that are likely to be asked in the forthcoming CSS examination. For Example Iraq Iran Atgnanistan Palestine China supremacy Rise of Russia etc For reading purpose we can divide newspaper (here from newspaper we will assume DAWN) in four sections I-Main page 2-Editorial page 3-World in focus 4-0ther special editions Main Page Keeping in view above sections, have a look at the main page and read those pieces f news which are related to the above issues only.

If there is any major or important development in those issues than note down in the relevant section only the development not the whole story. If there is no news related to any of the above issue than those who have recently started reading newspaper should read at least one piece of news from main page. Editorial Page Having cursory look at other pages, move on to the editorial page. Editorials are a MUST DAILY read. Read main article for two months continuously if you are a fresh reader, than you may skip if you feel like it being the repetition.

Similarly, note down the important facts of the issues in their respective sections. World in Focus In this section the writers are mostly foreigners. Their style of writing and the way of looking at various issues is worth noting. Study at least one. Note down the way they take up and analyze the issue. Other special editions Do read following One article from Business Review on every Monday One article from Encounter on every Saturday. From Science dot com, any thing related to EDS directly. Sunday magazine any thing useful for any subject of CSS Friday feature is a MUST read on every Friday.

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