How to Save Money

1 January 2017

If you can’t come up with at least two concrete reasons why you are buying something, put it back. * Cultivate contentment. One of the best ways to save money is to be content with what you have. Cultivate contentment with yourself and your life, and stop looking for happiness and fulfilment in material things. You’ll find that you spend less and save more when you recognize that you have enough. * Keep a journal for your cash plan. List down all your goals, and be as specific with the amounts as possible. Take note. Formulate a chart that will help you track all of your savings and expenses. Taking note of everything will help you spot saving stumbles you make in a week, and allow you to correct them as early as possible. * Set a monthly goal and target. This will help to keep you focused. * Calculate. To have an idea of the total amount you’ll get for the year, calculate your daily allowance and multiply it by the number of school days you have. * Stash your saved cash in a special locked box or a bank account.

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Make it so that it will be difficult for you to spend your savings. * Spend Less. This is not over simplifying the best way to save money! It is essential if you are serious about being a long term money saver and being able to save money every day. * Eat in rather than out. This is a huge area where you can save money. A cup of coffee taken out could easily cost you twenty times (or more) what it would cost you to make it at home. So think before you eat and drink when you are out.

Fast food restaurants are counting on you eating food that you perhaps don’t really need at that time but buy just because it is quick. Why not wait until you get home and have a more nutritious meal and save money at the same time. Begin to save money today. Do not put it off. Saving money is within your control and can bring you huge benefits. You will reap the rewards of saving money for years to come. Whether you save money on insurance, or save money on heating bills, remember every little counts – start today and save money every day.

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