How to Solve Energy Crisis

12 December 2016

The growth of human being has travelled a long journey. It was the greatest achievement of primitive man when he discovered fire with the help of a stone. With this human history moved very fast. Later on a number discoveries and inventions were made which changed human life completely. Energy is such a great invention which made our life more and more comfortable.

It has become most needed necessity for us. It has created a crisis also. Energy crises are a big problem in Pakistan. The reason behind this is the lack of good leadership, illiteracy, excessive use of fossil fuels and other political issues. Now, in these conditions the only way of survival and to overcome this problem is that we stop blaming and relying on the government or other private energy sector’s policies and start thinking to solve it by alternative methods.

How to Solve Energy Crisis Essay Example

These alternate energy recourses are hydropower, solar, wind, waste, biomass, etc. A lot of energy goes to waste due to our own fault. When we are in homes, schools or offices, we do not mind to switch off the fan when we do not need it. We never turn off extra lights. Similarly, in schools, when we go out of the class, we never bother to turn the lights and fans off. Thus, we can say that our own cons are leading us to this catastrophe. Now, I would like to enlist some solutions to this burning issue.

Keeping in mind the rising population and requirement of energy, it is best to start to think about saving energy. By taking some minor steps, we can save energy by unplugging the appliances that are currently not in use, switching off the lights while leaving the room and turning off the fans when fans are not needed. Secondly, we have to limit the use of non-renewable energy resources in order solve this problem. The renewable energy resources have to be implemented. These energy resources include solar energy, wind energy, hydropower etc.

This is the best possible way to increase the standard of life. We live in a “God-Gifted” country which is full of natural resources. We have many rivers in our country. A great amount of coal is present in the mountains of Balochistan. Its worth is more than seventeen trillion Dollars. It is a great energy resource only if we can use it properly. Similarly, Pakistan is rich in Natural gas. But unfortunately, we are unable In this way, we might be able to overcome the shortage of energy. Biogas energy also be created in our country.

Pakistan is an Atomic Power. Atomic Power can be generated very easily. It can help us in running the machines and industries. It requires little effort but it bears great fruit. Solar Energy power plants can be built to overcome the shortage of energy. Many dams can be built. It requires great efforts to reach these aims. This may help us in stopping energy crisis. In my opinion, only hardwork and dedication can solve this problem. We need to pray to Allah. Only then, we will be able to solve this burning issue.

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