How to Structure a Questionnaire

2 February 2017

A questionnaire is a structed sequence of questions used for data collection and research. There are four purposes for using questionnaires. The first is to get accurate information from the respondents. Secondly by using questionnaires we provide structure to interviews. The third purpose of using questionnaires is because we can write down every fact, comment and attitude of the respondents. Finally, questionnaires facilitate data processing. It is very important to know every type of questionnaire in order to use the best for our research.

There are two types of questionnaire. Self-administered questionnaires, which are often completed by the respondents. Those are either postal nor delivery and collection questionnaire. Postal questionnaires are posted to respondents who have to return them by post often have them completed. Delivery and collection questionnaire are given to respondents by hand and collected later. The second type of questionnaire is interviewer-administered, divided to telephone questionnaire and structured interview.

How to Structure a Questionnaire Essay Example

In our research we use the delivery and collection type of questionnaires in order to have a direct communication with the responders, with this type we have an efficient and quicker answers. In order to achieve the best results we must follow several stages. The first thing we do is to prepare and collect and print all the questions. Then we set a meeting place and contact with the despondence. We hand over the questionnaire and introduced it. At the end we make sure that despondence have completed their questionnaires and give them back to us.

At questionnaires we usually use three types of questions, behavioral, attitudinal and classification questions. With behavioral questions we try to understand what people do in daily bases. Attitudinal questions are used to find out peoples opinions and beliefs. In this way it is easy for us to understand peoples attitudes. Finally classification questions are used to classify the information that we have gathered.

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