How To Teach English To Kids

1 January 2018

Provides a safe and comfortable leering environment. ; Emphasizes oral work and communication. ; Make learning fun by an eclectic approach that addresses their individual interests and learning styles.

; Take advantage of their strengths and work with their proclivity to learn a second language. We suggest: suggest 1) Maintain an accepting, cooperative environment – making their cultures and customs a part of the lesson to make them more comfortable. ) Emphasize listening, especially for beginners. Children normally learn their first language by listening before they speak; they also learn oral language before writing 3) Give students a lot of practice in speaking in a variety of communicative activities. Have them use English to accomplish tasks both in the classroom and outside. 4) Allow children to learn grammar naturally, through using the language. – Grammar does not need to be a special focus of instruction, especially for younger children.

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Correct their mistakes as a parent corrects a child learning the first language 5) When teach reading, combine a variety of quenches – Teach phonics, or the sounds of the letters 6) Integrate reading and writing with communicative activities that include listening and speaking 7) Keep the lessons relevant to their age, interests and other activities. – Relate a lesson to topics in their school subjects, such as science or social studies.Bring in extracurricular interests such as sports as well. 8) Remember that children want to play and have fun. – Bring the Joy of games, songs, toys, puzzles and movement into the SSL classroom. Use video clips and real objects. Have the children put on puppet shows and do role plays.

How to teach English to kids using songs ; Children respond very strongly to songs. ; Using songs to teach children could increase their vocabulary and pronunciation skills. It is a Joy for kids to sing together with adult or other children. The following steps will enable you to choose and teach songs to children that they will love and learn from: STEPS 1) Choose a song or songs that will let children use skills they already have, to build their confidence while singing. 2) Locate pictures, books or toys that can help reinforce words in the song and support new language before and after singing 3) Practice singing your song. 4) Conduct your activity before you sing. ) Give children some time to look at the book or play with the toys on their own.

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