How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

Writing assignments in the field of essays really look alike but there are myriads of types of essay. Some of them are very similar. Cause and effect essay is the same: it looks like any other conventional essay but with a little restriction in its form.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

This type of essay slightly restricts or rather sets some preferences on writer`s freedom comparing to the usual essay. Writing a cause and effect one you need to explain the causal relationship of a single issue. It may be an event, a phenomenon or anything that has significance for readers. What are you asked to do? Your task is to trace what happens (or even often has happened) as a result of something. The object of your work is a ‘cause’ and the result of its existence (or absence) is an ‘effect’.

How to Choose a Good Cause and Effect Essay Topic

The preferences set by the task make it more straight and exciting. In order to follow this tendency, you need to choose an interesting topic. The word ‘interesting’ is often used as a very common one but talking about cause and effect essay the meaning of this word becomes narrower. Choosing interesting topic is simple if you refer to some thrilling and actual themes. For example, it is great to show a causal relationship that leads (or has already led) to global warming. Everyone is disturbed by global warming and due to this fact it would be more interesting to read about the issue rather than about slavery abolition in XIX century. However, readers love history and there is nothing bad in choosing a topic about something that has happened a long time ago especially if this causal relationship is actual nowadays or maybe you come up with new conclusions about it. But the interest in your paper obviously will be greater if you pay attention to something that happens right now or has happened in the recent past. We can consider effects of a certain event only after a while. Maybe you want to highlight some very specific topic that at the first blush does not look like a theme that would thrill every profane but if you feel some emotional connection with it do not hesitate to highlight this topic. The best writings are made only from the heart and perhaps your passion and vision would spur the interest to the unexplored.

Cause and Effect Essay Structure

There is no established volume of the cause and effect essay and most likely this data would be given by your professor. Why is it important? The structure depends on the volume. However, there still are three parts as well as in any other essay: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Let`s look it through.

  • This is the first and in the greater account is the hardest part to do. The whole success of the paper depends on what you will write in your opening part. Obviously, you need to include all information needed for clear comprehension of the further text. You should not go crazy diving into details – leave it for the body paragraphs.

Besides obvious inclusion of useful information, you need to catch reader`s attention with something (warning!) attractive. Use well-known hooks such as interesting facts, statistics, jokes, or citation of someone famous. Since your essay should be interesting according to its definition you really need to stick to this recommendation. At the end of your introduction, you need to do the most important thing – a thesis statement. The thesis statement in the cause and effect essay takes a form of stating a ‘cause’. It is clear that ‘effect’ part needs to be revealed in the body of the essay.

  • Body paragraphs. This part is similar to usual essay one. Number of the paragraphs in this part depends on the number of subtopics of the main theme. One subtopic is a one cause-and-effect is one single paragraph.

Here you need to refer to all the details you need to support your causal relationship. But try not to overload text with the facts and thoughts – give your reader some rest. The density of facts in this type of essay is very high so do not be afraid to insert some jokes, the smallest ever lyrical digressions (one-two sentences), use metaphors, allegories and the other literal tricks. But remember that there should be more of the thought – not an entertainment.

  • This part wants you to sum up all you said in the previous parts. It is told that restating thesis statement in conclusion part is an unavoidable thing but if you manage to finish your essay without it you may consider yourself as a truly great writer. The conclusion is named so because you need to conclude your text but try to convey it integrally and coherently.

Writing Tips for a Cause and Effect Essay

  1. After you chose your topic to try to specify it. The more issues you consider in your cause and effect essay the less it works on its integrity and simplicity of perception. Plenty of information is good but you should know when to stop. The nature of this kind of essay implies not only providing the argumentation from your side and its processing by the reader but also
  2. After you know what is going to write about in details you should learn these details as thorough as you can and even more thorough. Deep knowledge of the topic allows you to feel free to operate with larger amounts of information that means that you can complete your paper in the most appropriate way.
  3. It is always beneficial to create an outline of the future text. When you write an outline for the essay, in fact, you do about a half of the whole amount of work. This process consists of dividing information into smaller and more informative parts. If you have such a thing like an outline you cannot digress from the topic in general or from some of its parts in particular. That is because you have visual support and orientation on what you were going to write in the very beginning. Moreover, it is easier to supplement your outline with extended details rather than write the paper from scratch.

Cause and Effect Essay Examples

This chapter is a concluding one. Maybe you expected to see the examples of the cause and effect essay, but the author of this little guide on this type of paper believes that reading examples spoil writer`s perception of the task. His or her view then becomes mudded and the thought cannot be considered to be original. This article provides more than enough information about creating well cause and effect essay, but it can be written perfectly only if the writer relies on his own writing and imaginative skills. So use this advice and make up great texts! Cause and effect of smartphones on students Cause and effect of a volcano eruption Causes and effects of teenage rebellion Causes and effects of poverty Causality and effect Сause-effect of a coral sea battle

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