How to Write a Good Hook for an Essay

3 March 2018
How to Write a Good Hook for an Essay

Catchy hook for the essay is a very important thing while writing. Before writing you need to be sure if your hook sentence meets the requirements. Ask yourself, who is your audience; do you have a captive audience and what matters to your audience? Then, identify the purpose of your writing. We mean: how do you want the audience to feel, what you want people to take away. And at third choose wisely the type of your hook sentence. It is the crucial thing because people will decide if they will continue reading or not.

What is an Essay Hook?

“It’s essential that the first sentence of essay whets the reader’s appetite” – a nice quotation which fully explains the necessity of a good hook for an essay. A hook is a line or two that grabs readers’ attention from the very beginning and keeps to the end. No matter how well is an essay written, without a hook sentence, it’ll look like a dump restaurant.

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How to Write a Good Hook for an Essay
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The main purpose is to hook a reader into an essay.

Identify Your Audience

A hook sentence, just like any other type of writing, needs to speak to his reader. You may feel the difference – writing an interesting hook for an essay to your professor is not the same while writing to a big group of people. All of us has different tastes, feelings, and emotions. But a few things exist that touch the entirety of people. Find those things and half of the deal will be done. Just think, that you’re writing about engines to the manicurist. Would it be interesting to her? Of course not, it doesn’t even connect her field of work.

Who is my audience?

Are those people peers, teacher, or younger children? It’s important as well to comprehend the audience you are writing to and no matter what type of piece you are writing on. If you do that it’ll help you get out your message to right people. If you want to express a group of men – write about cars, technologies and their powers in the society. Yeah, men like this no matter what. If you’re writing to girls of the senior high school, pay special attention to clothes, pets, and boys’ psychology to help girls find the best man.

Do I have a captive audience?

This question is essential too while writing a hook sentence. It is important because it will help you understand the aim of your hook.

Whereas you are writing to your teacher or professor, or you have to write a good hook for a college essay – that means you evidently have a captive audience. They will be paid for reading your essay. If it is, your main task is to avoid people from falling asleep while reading dozens of essays like yours and to inspire them putting you an ‘A’ mark or accept you to the university.

If you’re a blogger, writer, or journalist who writes for some sites, journals or magazines, you have to catch people, because they’re not captive, they have a decision to read or not to read.

What matters to my audience?

And finally, you have to understand and investigate what is important to your audience. Will they be interested in this text? Will they find the concrete information they are searching for? Do they want to have some fun, relax, or think about global topics? Search for it, know people better, do research and only in this situation you’ll gain a goal.

Identify a Purpose of Your Writing

The next and very important thing is the purpose. Isn’t it obvious that your hook sentence needs to be connected to your topic? You can’t write an excellent sentence just because it is excellent. To a lesser extent, it will seem like you’re crazy or something like that. We mean that if you’re writing, for example, an argumentative essay hook, you should support your main arguments writing something extraordinary, any fact will be acceptable. If you write a hook for informative essay give some statistics in it, which will shock people.

How do I want my audience to feel?

Ask yourself this question and think for little. The thing is to write a hook that shows the exact type of feeling you want the audience to face. You may frighten them, motivate to do something, even hug them with your words, or more; you can involve people in your life story, everyone loves some tiny gossips.

What do I want my audience to take away?

No matter what but connect the hook to the purpose of the essay and those feelings you give to your audience. For example, persuasive essay hook may give people an opportunity to take away your point of view. If you succeed in it – be certain your essay was good. You persuaded people and made the mission completed.

Essay Hooks Ideas

We don’t usually come up with ideas immediately. Most of us need some time to think and think more. We can search for ideas in different sources like textbooks, books, magazines, journals, Internet, official public, films, serials, and interviews. You can get the idea even in unpredictable places, while talking on the phone with a friend, for example. The main thing is to be opened; life won’t be in debt, it will help and show you the correct path.

Famous Quotes

Many phrases are popular in the whole world. If something is cool, awful, funny or appears, famous people usually comment it on their Internet pages. They just share thoughts, but their popularity raises the words higher and higher. And here the chances to find a great essay hook appear. The more star is popular, the better your hook will be conceived.

Another even cleverer way to hook people is to use quotations from famous people of the past. This helps you demonstrate your authority and open-mindedness, especially if you’re writing about a famous historical person of another country.


Statistics show that people like reading things that bother them. If you’re writing to a scientific journal, you have to realize that people who are reading them are most of all scientists, or people close to that field. Use statistics in your hook sentence to grab their interest in exactly your essay. If you try to impress common people and users of the Internet, include superior facts about your topic, or anecdotes instead of complicated numbers and percentages.

Interesting Fact or Definition

Making a good impression on readers can be easy if you show how well-educated you are. Take the quote using as a hook from the reliable source. People find it intriguing:

Different interesting facts with a dose of statistics help business people see their mobile solutions. Not all teachers and professors support the active usage of internet resources; your task is to conclude whether the following manner of the first paragraph and hook is good. Then, you can move to the discussion on why mobile applications are prospective business ideas.


And again, if you want readers to feel relaxed and calm, start simply your hook sentence with an anecdote. But keep in mind that each country has its humor and where some jokes are funny, somewhere they can be vulgar or even forbidden. Choose wisely the hook sentence!

Reveal a Common Misconception

The target audience has many beliefs, opinions, and ideas that might not be necessarily proper or you do not admit to, as the author. The reader goes through the rest of the essay to find evidence for the conception and ascertain if it is valid enough to make him switch positions on the topic. Challenging a common conception insinuates to the reader that they are going to learn something new and encourage them to read the rest of the essay.

Create the Hooks

As you could see, using a hook sentence is one of the best ways to start your paragraph. It grabs your readers and leaves them wanting to learn more, or it makes them wonder what comes next. You may try these suggestions while creating hooks:

  • Begin with a question. Asking your readers to think about the topic is a great way to get them ready to hear more. It can be a simple question as a hard one.
  • Use strong descriptive words. While reading, people create a picture in their mind. You can help them feel more connected to your writing. Use strong words that describe in the best way the scene you’re trying to create. For example, if you’re writing about things you like to do in the winter, you can start with, “Jumping in big, slushy, icy puddles is on my list of favorite things to do in the winter, but nothing tops a snowball fight on a cold, blustery day.” Expressive, yeah?
  • Leave a mystery. Give your readers the things that are enough to make them curious. Include a few details and leave the rest to their imaginations. Try something like, “It was so noisy in our classroom that the walls began to shake. We couldn’t have known what would happen next”.

Essay Hook Examples

Now, the best part of this advice essay. We will show you a few essay hook examples with descriptions of what type this hook is:

  1. Advice – “When you want something from someone, give them something instead.”
  2. Anecdote – “As a teen, Bill Gates use to go dumpster diving at his workplace, seeking information; that’s how he got his hands on some impressive source codes.”
  3. Fact – “One fast food meal contains all the calories you need in a day.”
  4. Famous quotation – “Gandhi famously said, ‘Be the change you wish you see in the world.’”

Statistic – “According to the European Cockpit Association, ‘Forty-three percent of pilots admit to involuntarily falling asleep during a flight.”

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