How to Write a Speech

12 December 2017

Good morning class, I have never been one to have a problem getting up in front of anyone and I am giving my opinion, however when it comes to formal speeches I begin to doubt myself, that Is why I believe It Is so Important to have some public speaking experience, Like this very class, under all of our belts. For me It Is not the nerves, but I know for many of you, It Is. First and foremost, you need to know what your topic Is and who you will be delivering your speech to.

Choosing a topic is difficult, unless of ours it is assigned to you, I always think it is best to speak about something that is meaningful to you, something you are passionate about, whatever that might be. Next, what type of audience will you be speaking to? Your friends and family, your peers, or total strangers? This is technically called audience analysis in our textbook. Many things go into analyzing your audience. Gender, race, age, interest, social class, opinions they have. Once you have gathered all the right information you can decide what approach you will use.Next on the speech preparation list is the purpose of your speech. Why are you speaking, what are you trying to accomplish by presenting your speech? There are three types of speech mentioned In our text, Informative speech which provides an audience with new Information, a persuasive speech which Intends to Influence the audience to believe the way you do, and a special occasion speech (a.

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K. A. Ceremonial speech) which marks a special event, for example a wedding, funeral, or banquet. This will help determine your word choice, and your thesis sentence.Which is what comes next, create a thesis statement. A thesis “clearly expresses the central idea of your speech” I think this really sets the tone for the whole speech. As we continue creating our speech we should develop main points that we will cover throughout.

These should be points you feel the most strongly about and they will help guide you through, you need to be sure to hit on all of these. You should keep it down to two or three main points. You want to be sure you have supporting material though; a speech would be boring without the facts ND things to draw your audience In.You want to gather supporting material for each of your mall points. You’re getting closer! Next, you want to organize your speech into its major parts, the introductions, the body and the conclusion. The introduction should be strong, it gets their attention, but the conclusion needs to be equally as strong as it is the last thing your audience will hear from you. Separating the parts of your speech goes along with outlining it.

An outline helps you keep organized as well as helps you stay on topic.Another thing to consider when putting a speech together is presentation aids, do you want to use a graph or chart? Maybe a power point. This helps the audience become more involved and be able to grasp the information more effectively. Now, after preparing all of your information you need to practice delivering you speech, pay close attention to verbal delivery, how your voice sounds an also, nonverbal delivery your body language and facial animations. Stay away from rambling and a shaky voice, keep calm, take deep breaths and keep good eye contact.Also keep away from getting off topic; this Is what you created your outline for. Use your face and body to your advantage, don’t let those things be detrimental breath, keep yourself calm.

As you continue to speech in front of an audience, you will learn tips and tricks of your own. All in all, there is a lot of work that goes into creating a speech, research organization and a lot of practice. But anyone can do it that means you too. Do your research and stay calm, and practice enough so you feel comfortable with what you are saying and your next speech will be a breeze.

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