How True Is That Most Pleasurable Things in Life Are Bad for You?

12 December 2016

Pleasurable things eliminate fear, anxiety and stress. Humans cannot be happy and depressed at the same time. It is impossible. It helps you to fill yourself up with positive energy and the negative has to leave. Fear , anxiety , stress , sadness and so on will just disappear. Pleasurable things can do no harm to all of us as long as we are doing the right things. Sleeping-in on a rainy day, reading, watching movies, sports and more are the simple pleasurable things for most people. These are the things that we often do.

Most of them benefits us. For example, reading increase our knowledge and sports keep us fit. Life is short, do things that give us pleasure when we have free time to enjoy our life. Pleasurable things can only harm irrational people who do something which negatively affect them. Besides that, you can generate positive energy to other people. Pleasurable things do not only benefit you but it also benefits the people around you. They are positively affected. At the same time, others send positive energy back to you.

It creates a better and more happy environment or atmosphere. Thus it becomes a very peaceful place for everyone. Sex is also one of the pleasurable things in our life. We have become more open minded as time has moved on. Many of us accepted this fact. It is legal to have sex with your love one after marriage. A balance between sex and love need to be created as it can improve the relationship between husband wife. This is human nature. Moreover, sex can improve our health. For example, there is a research done by American Scientist and Sex Advice

Columnist said that sex not only can prevent you to catch a cold or fly easily, it can also improve the quality of hair, skin and nails at the same time. Life is empty, like a piece of plain paper. Then we started to write on it and become our own history. We always have choices what to write on it. When come to the end of our life, no one hope to see the history ended with a boring or a sad paragraph. We just need to color our life with pleasurable things. Good or bad, it is just how you see things in your life.

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