How will your experiences and interests contribute to our community?

11 November 2018

I have lived in both England and Denmark. Twice I have sailed across the Norwegian sea, and many times have I fount in World War II. Sometimes I time travel against my will, whether it be because of aliens or the fog that blankets my asylum at the big nurse’s discretion. I have heard the tales of myriad pilgrims on the way to Canterbury, and when Dresden was bombed I found shelter in a slaughterhouse. I have ruled kingdoms in Greece and wandered homeless through the United States. I was at the crucifixion. I was there when Siddhartha found nirvana. I have heard hearts beat underneath floorboards. All of this because of literature. Words have given me lives different from my own, and from these different backgrounds I have learned much about my own life. I know now that a heart and a passion can be found anywhere. I know that there is truth in all religions, because religions are groups of human beings. I know that kingdoms cannot bring the happiness that a hike can. I have learned that we can find shelter in unlikely places and in unlikely people. Sometimes when time seems too fast or too slow, I can always head to the ocean to set things right. I have been to other countries and states, but I know that California will be my home. My backgrounds have taught me many things, but most importantly I’ve learned to live an examined life, and that my answer is to be.

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