Rutgers Education

7 July 2016

It seems like a big welding pot in Rutgers which melted multiple cultures of different students from diverse backgrounds all over the world; especially therein the featured global village that aims to create the atmosphere to communicate with each other for international students is what I am pursuing in my academic study. On one hand, in modern society it’s necessary for us to make contact with various persons, thus it would definitely support my career in the future through primarily acquainting myself with conventions and customs of foreign peoples on the basis of solid knowledge foundation and excellent social international skills.

On the other hand, as the tendency of business globalization becomes more and more popular, commercial trade among districts and areas would tremendously increase so as to develop respective advantages in virtue of others’; it is Rutgers that, I believe, would help me grow into a comprehensive professional in the field I would like to address while I could also exchange and disseminate the charming Chinese culture to all staff.

Rutgers Education Essay Example

More importantly, Rutgers is located nearby the developed cities of New York and Philadelphia and has been keeping touch with the industries around, so that the curriculum exquisitely set by Rutgers is closely integrated with current situation of global market based upon advanced expertise faculty, modernized facilities and feasible training opportunities. Except appropriate and quiet environment for academic study, Rutgers also pays attention to practices and offers the positions of internship in large-scale enterprises, which absolutely contributes to the cultivation of alumni’s capability for the professional career in the whole life.

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