How You Choose Your Major

1 January 2017

We live in a world where education occupies a very important role. An educated person is someone who is able to learn how analyzes, synthesize, evaluate, and understand. An education often gives to a person the means to sustain his life, to live comfortably or even to live in luxury. The major you choose will be the deciding factor in determining the stability and limits of your future financial situation. A degree in engineering, mathematics, physics, finance, or computer science will lead to a much higher salary than a degree in social work.

An educated person is also responsible for using his gained knowledge; in fact, an educated person must have a better rounded-view of the world and will continue to seek knowledge and understanding of it throughout their lives. In this mind, we will then ask the question “how to become an active member of society by learning how to learn? ” To answer this question, I will provide my reasons for selecting Park University and my personal goals after college. I decided to come to Park University, because I would like to learn finance.

How You Choose Your Major Essay Example

I could have chosen another university, but I have chosen Park University on the one hand because my brother was there for two years already. He told me that it is a good university; there are good teachers, good teaching facilities, beautiful environment, good academic achievement and so on. My father works in the field of finance, so this subject has always interested me. The university shares the academic environment that encourages learning, promotes skills acquisition and reconciles the theoretical education with the practical world.

On the other hand, I love everything that is related to accounting and finance; also I want to learn the functioning of an enterprise, study economics problem, and enjoy the problem resolution. I find finance crafts fascinating. It is amazing to see what we can do with the finance. Have you ever asked yourself “Why am I here in this life? ” , “What can I do in this huge world? “. I have asked myself these questions many times and I finally conclude that if I am on earth, there must be a reason. So I will do everything to mark my existence.

Everyone wants to be successful in life. One of the easiest ways to become successful is to set and achieve your own goals. There are many different types of goals. Some take longer to accomplish than others, and they all have to be approached in a different way. This is why I would like to continue my higher education, working as an account manager in my own office and finally getting married and having a happy family. My educational goals are graduating and continuing the higher education by getting Bachelor, Masters and PhD degrees in my major, Finance.

I hope to get all of these degrees with distinction, and of course, that will happen by following certain steps such as studying hard, managing my times and tasks. In addition to these, the most important step is being obedient to God by praying on time and reading the Holy Bible, so God will protect and help me. I grow up in a Christian family and my education was based on biblical teaching. I learned to love everybody like myself. My parents taught me respect of the good and to respect people. They also taught me tolerance, sincerity, loyalty, and the importance of family. My career goal is being an account manager.

The knowledge that I will acquire during my college allows me to be a good accountant. Since my childhood, my family has shown me a variety of good habits, one of them being common sense. In my opinion, in order to resolve different types of situations that occur in life, one must have ethical standards. Because having ethics is important in all types of field, but especially in accounting because it deals with large sums of money. There are many things that have happened in our society, because people have no ethical code or common sense to the problems that have happened in our world.

Many people have certain personalities that fit the kind of work they do. I consider myself a disciplined person and all the qualities of an accountant suit me well. Such as being a good listening and having ethics in order to help people in the future with their financial problems. I would also like to create a school of accounting in order to share my knowledge and my experiences. Finally an educated person has the responsibilities to learn by himself. He must assume his choice and must take some decision for his life.

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