Howard’s End

4 April 2015
This paper discusses E.M. Forster’s `Howard’s End as a murder mystery and more importantly as an abstract of the English class system.

The author states that Howard’s End` is an Edwardian novel written before the Great War. He continues that the plot is complex but is held together by the country house called Howard’s End, a metaphor for England itself. The paper discusses that the characters respected the land but not each other. The paper continues to discuss the concept of wealth and compares this book compared to the writings of the American F. Scott Fitzgerald.
But it also stands for something larger than simply England, for it represents the ways in which people can be tied to a particular piece of the earth from one generation to the next. The first World War brought to an end many things, and this may have been one of the most significant things that was lost, this sense that our relationship to the land is one of the things that can be counted on to endure from generation to generation. Already we see that sense of connection being loosened in this book, but it still endures.

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