Howie Day – Australia

8 August 2019

If you’re a fan of David Gray and the Dave Matthews band,you might want to check out Howie Day’s debut album, “Australia.”Friend of the man, and fan of the latter, Howie’s style is influenced by thesetwo. Hailing from Bangor, Maine, Day’s acoustic guitar sound and intelligentlyrics are something fresh for the computer-enhanced pop music oftoday.

“Australia” is 45 minutes of pure enjoyment. Every song,whether slow, acoustic rock, or a more funky beat (as in the opening track”Sorry, So Sorry”) is amazing. My favorite, “She Says,” isjust Day with his guitar, his raspy, emotion-filled voice showing he is a trulytalented musician. “Ghost,” “Kristina,” and “More YouUnderstand” are songs that are must-listens as well. Every song on the albumhas the acoustic sound, which makes it seem Day is giving you your own personalperformance.

Howie Day – Australia Essay Example

Howie Day is an underground talent, and I hope his big breakcomes soon. Challenge your taste a little, and give Howie a listen. You’ll likewhat you hear.

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