Hr After a Disaster

3 March 2017

All of the five functions were affected by Hurricane Rita greatly. HR made sure that they got on the aftermath right away. The first function is staffing, they had people on the job right away to pick up all of the trees that had been knocked on to people’s houses, lots, and businesses. Also, repair crews were working on the recovery process, repairing roofs especially. Secondly, HRD, people of businesses had to get new workers for all of their businesses. They had to train new people which took a lot of their time.

Some had to give benefits for their compensation. Businesses, like Burger King, gave a $1,500 bonus for entry-level workers. People could also demand a higher pay, from minimum wage to $10 per hour. Some of the repair men weren’t always in a safe or healthy environment. There were repair workers who didn’t even have a good place to stay, they went to an open lot and set up tents to sleep in. Union should be there to make sure that the repair workers had an adequate place for them to stay at, instead of sleeping in tents. . I do think that they would respond like this every time.

Hr After a Disaster Essay Example

I think that the one of the most important elements that will influence Scott’s plans will be the workers. He has to make sure he keeps the right ones, those who are really good at their work. He also has to watch out for union workers, who will look out for the workers interests. Another is the government officials and civic leaders, who would be wanting information all the time,as to what is going on. He has to make these cuts in the company, because he needs to listen to what the president of the company says.

I think that all of these are legitimate, except for worrying about what the shareholders want, and what they believe in. 2. I think that Scott should be definitely concerned as to what the shareholders interests are. I don’t believe that they should be a major priority. Although they are putting money into the company, they shouldn’t be priority. If they keep them a major priority, they could drive away a lot of their customers, which is obviously bad for their business. Scott has to try to come up with a way to make sure that everybody is happy, and gets what they want.

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