Hr Management

1 January 2017

Benefast partners should consider for its HRIS system is more reliant on the Planning, and successful planning is critically depending on comprehensive needs analysis, so these two stages through the HRIS system would be the critical success factors. Planning can be divided into long-range and short range operational planning. Long range planning for an HRIS examines the big picture of an organization’s HR function and its information needs in light of its overall business strategy (Kavanagh & Thite 2009p. 3). Benefast partners should consider this because when considering long-range planning looks beyond the present usually focusing on needs in the future. One of the critical concepts was the phase containment. That is, organizations should identify problems as early as possible in the life cycle of a system and importantly, deal with those problems at that time rather than allowing the problems to continue, possibly leading to greater more costly rework and modification later (Kavanagh & Thite 2009p. 4). This phase containment is a principle that would bring success to Benefast. The Short range planning typically involves a needs analysis of the organization, but with a much more immediate focus. Originally the long range plan will identify a list of priorities or priority system and projects for the future which will make Benefast partners organization more influential. It sets budgets and allocates resources to those priorites by officially sanctioning projects.

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With the short term Benefast partner’s functional departments within their organization may compete for limited pool of resources. Based on the information in the case evaluate Benefast partners strategy. Benefast partners provide a specific market niche HRIS product that benefits administration… Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) are databases used for keeping track of essential personnel data within organizations. They can be designed and customized to fit the needs of various companies in many different industries (Tatum, 2011).

The primary purpose of an HRIS is to make the management of employees more efficient. The HRIS System can be used to identify and track job applicants and maintain status on current employees. All stages of an employee’s life cycle from initial hire to retirement can be automated and tracked within an HRIS System (Tatum, 2011). One of the best features of an HRIS System is how easily it can be customized. It can be expanded by adding additional modules as the company rows because all modules do not have to be activated during the initial setup process (Tatum, 2011). Few critical success factors commonly agreed upon between several authors are as follows: 1. Top management support 2. Provision of adequate and timely resources 3. Ongoing communication 4. Organizational structure 5. Change management methodology 6. Project control and monitoring 7. Cross integration between business systems These factors must be considered during the planning, analysis and design of an HRIS System (Kavanagh & Thite, 2009, p. 67-168). Three important factors that Benefast Partners should have focused on were provisioning of adequate and timely resources which includes time, money, technology and people. It is very important to ensure that these elements are adequate and available prior to proceeding. This can be accomplished by developing a comprehensive business plan (Kavanagh & Thite, 2009, p. 167). Another critical success factor Benefast Partners should consider for its HRIS system is the cost.

Since most projects are allocated for a certain amount of resources, it’s important that the project stays within that allocated amount. Based on the case study Benefast is already over their budget and really cannot afford any more unforeseen costs. However, because Benefast is piecing together two systems already established it’s believed that they will face some additional costs to get the HRIS up to speed to meet their needs or they will continue to lack. Therefore, cost must be incurred although it will put the organization in the red in terms of cost.

Without incurring the necessary cost to make their HRIS competitive then Benefast Partners business will continue to be very limited and possibly eliminated eventually. Therefore, cost should be considered as a critical factor for Benefast’s HRIS system. If Benefast is forced to shut down their operation or have to delay production due to updgrades or glitches in the system they may lose business. Benefast already provides a service in which is labeled as easy and with any type of unsatisfactory production customers may take their business elsewhere or may decide to keep it in house.

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