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1 January 2017

There are certain easons behind adapting the employee recommendations intensively. Firstly, current employees know the best about the jobs need to be filled so, they can better recommend person who can better perform the particular jobs. Secondly, current employees will never suggest an applicant unless they make sure that he or she can perform confidently in front of managers. Because sending incapable applicant distort the image of employee who is promoting new applicant. 3. 1. 2. External searches: Other sources of recruitment are newspaper advertisements. This is the most popular method the company uses when it wants to publicly announce about its vacancies.

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Besides, HBM also use notifications pasting on different locations like walls and polls. The notification carries information of ‘Argent need of medical representative”. This help company to generate wide pool of applicant for the recruitment purpose Recommendations: Our company HBM uses advertisements for recruitment but company should also use the cyberspace method for recruitment. This method will ultimately help company to reduce its recruitment cost. Universities and collages notifications: HBM should use university and collages as sources of recruitment. Company should place information on the universities and collages notice boards and the websites.

There company can capture fresh candidates. This method is also a cost effective method and beneficial for the recruitment. 3. 2. Selection phase: Company selection criteria include number of step the candidate has to pass through. 3. 2. 1. Initial screening: At this stage of selection, criterion company see that if candidate is fulfilling the minimum qualification, the candidate who meets the minimum qualification standard is then passed and eligible for the next coming stage. Rests of the candidates are rejected. 3. 2. 2. Completed application: HBM use a simple application form which contains simple questions like Name, Address, Telephone and Other personal information.

It may include candidate’s experience, education and other experience certificates. Upon verification, if company finds any information faked, the candidate can be rejected. 3. 2. 3. Employment test: Because HBM’s major workforce is SPO (Sales Promotion Officer), merely SPO’s are required to qualify in the test. This simple test is based on memory the candidate is required to memorize medicine literature then his pronunciation, speaking fluency is checked. The pass candidates proceed for the next stage. In contrast, HBM does not take any test for candidates who are striving for other professions like accountant, storekeeper and security guard.

Comprehensive interview: Here directors and zonal sales managers take the comprehensive interview. Applicant’s confidence and its emotional stability are checked here. Almost all candidates, belong to different knowledge background are required to pass through the comprehensive interview in order to check their confidence level. 3. 2. 5. Unconditional Job offers: After the comprehensive interview if applicants perform intelligently, HBM will offer conditional or unconditional job. Recommendations: HBM should use employment test for accountants, storekeepers and other applicants in order to measure applicant’s abilities, communication skills and analytical skills.

Depending, which applicant fall in which category that’s how company can fill vacancy with who is better fit for the particular job. SPO’s should also be given test to gauge their selling techniques as they spend most of their time in selling medicine. SPO’s personal grooming should be give significant importance during hiring process. For Accountant position, HBM must take test to make sure their analytical skills 4. Socialization and Orientation Plan: Loneliness and a feeling of isolation are not unusual for new employees-they need special attention to put them at ease. So, the organization must follow the socialization process to update each new employee about the values and norms of working at HBM Pharmaceuticals. 4. 1. Socialization Process: • Pre-arrival stage:

The organization will use selection process to inform prospective employees about the organization as a whole. • Encounter stage: If the new employees found the differences between their expectations about job and reality then these employees should be socialized to detach them from their previous assumptions and replace these with the organizations’ pivotal standards. • Metamorphosis stage: Higher management will provide help to recently hired employees in case of any problem they faced during working in the organization. Each individual should be informed about the evaluation process. That is, they’ve gained an understanding of what criteria will be used to measure and appraise their work.

A trusted environment should be developed and maintained by the higher management so that each employee should feel comfortable to work with the organization. Socialization of new employees can also be possible through the new-employee orientation process. 4. 2. New-employee Orientation Process: Activities that introduce new employees to the organization and their work units are the part of orientation. 4. 2. 1. The CEO’s Role in Orientation: The CEO as the head of the company’s executive management should participate in the orientation process to encourage new employees to work for this organization and also let the new employees to talk about their concerns.

The CEO should visit each regional office at the announced date for at least once in a month to meet collectively with all new employees. 4. 2. 2 HRM’s Role in Orientation: The role of Human Resource Department is very important in the orientation because generally this department is responsible for recruiting and selection process. Currently, as there is no functional HR Department in the HBM Pharmaceuticals, so it is the duty of Director Sales and Zonal Sales Managers (ZSM’s) to play their role by conducting the official gatherings where the new employees will meet with the old employees and their interactions will develop. If the new employee is hire as Regional Sales Manager (RGM) or Zonal Sales Manager (ZSM) then The CEO will be present at the orientation ceremony.

If the new employee is hired at other position, except that mentioned above, than the ZSM’s are responsible for orientation. ZSM should offer these new employees what else he/she can do for them in the future. 5. Training and Development Plan: 5. 1. Employee Training: There are two types of training available in HBM Pharmaceuticals: one for the new hiring and the other is for the existing employees. 5. 1. 1. New employees: Training is only available for new hiring as Sales Promotion Officer (SPO). It is mandatory that new employees for all other positions available should be experienced and they should have the skill set required for the specific job. 5. 1. 2. Existing employees: Major portion of job positions in HBM Pharmaceuticals is sales oriented.

If the employee at certain level is not fulfilling his/her responsibilities according to the job description then he/she will be offered a training session by his/her immediate officer. In that meeting, problem should be discussed with the targeted employee and try to identify the potential solution for that problem. If the officer recommends then the employee should be sent on training. Training can also be offered in such a case if the existing employee is promoted from one position to other position and the management perceives that training is needed to enhance the skill set and abilities of the employee. 5. 2. Determining training needs: 5. 2. 1. SPO: The job of Sales Promotion Officer is very critical for the organization.

Newly hired SPO should be offered 1 month training: to enhance his/her subjective knowledge about the products; to increase communication skills; and to develop the interpersonal skills to work as a team. Existing SPO’s have to fulfill their targets. If any SPO is unable to fulfill his/her target then RSM/ZSM will discuss the matter with him/her at weekly meeting. RSM/ZSM will try to identify and solve the problem. If the SPO can not improve his/her performance after the counseling session then RSM/ZSM can recommend a training session for the particular employee. 5. 2. 2. Office staff: Training will be offered to office staff if working pattern has changed in the organization.

For example: by implementing new technology equipment, or the addition of new process in the job description of office staff. 5. 2. 3. RSM/ZSM: These are experienced staff. Their responsibilities are also high because it is their duty to manage a group of subordinates. Managerial level skills are required for that job. If the employee at this position has some problem regarding his/her attitude or leading a team then Director Sales can recommend a training session to enhance their interpersonal skills as well as their leadership skills. 5. 2. 4. The CEO and Director Sales: HBM Pharmaceuticals is a partnership concern and it is owned by two persons: one is CEO and other is Director Sales.

So, training is the personal discretion of these two individuals. If they think that through training, they can manage their business more effectively then they can go for a training session. 5. 3. Training Methods: There are several methods which can be used by the management to train their employees according to their needs and the job position. 5. 3. 1. SPO: For new joining SPO’s, it is most appropriate to use “classroom lectures” to train them because this is the method used to increase their subjective skills. It will also helpful for them to enhance their communication skills. For existing SPO’s to increase their productivity, RSM/ZSM should meet them personally and give them personal support.

Due to this meeting, the problem will be solved and along with benefit, SPO’s morale will be increased. 5. 3. 2. RSM/ZSM: Classroom lectures as well as On-the-Job Training Methods are used to train RSM/ZSM. Director Sales will recommend the most appropriate method according to the situation and problem. 5. 4. Employee Development: Employee development focuses more on the employee’s personal growth. Successful employees prepared for positions of greater responsibility have analytical, human, conceptual and specialized skills. 5. 4. 1. Employee Development Methods: There are several methods which are used to develop managerial and non-managerial staff.

Appropriate method selection will depends on situation. 5. 4. 2. Developing Office Staff: Job Rotation is the appropriate and recommended method to develop office staff. The concerned authority can choose horizontal or vertical Job Rotation to develop office staff according to the skill set of the staff. 5. 4. 3. Developing SPO to Senior SPO: Job Rotation is a good method to develop the abilities of SPO so that he/she can become Senior SPO. Vertical Job Rotation can be selected for this situation. 5. 4. 4. Developing Senior SPO to RSM: RSM is quite big position for senior SPO. So it is recommended that “Assistant-to-Position method” should be used to develop senior SPO to RSM.

Senior SPO will work as an assistant to RSM to get in depth knowledge of the responsibilities of RSM and he/she can develop himself/herself in a better way according to the new responsibilities. 5. 4. 5. Developing RSM to ZSM: RSM and ZSM both are managerial positions and the position holders are experienced professionals. The only difference is the level of responsibility. ZSM is responsible for the sales of whole zone which is a quite big responsibility. Therefore, it is recommended that “Assistant-to-Position Method” and “Lecture courses and Seminars” are used to enhance the decision making skills of RSM and to improve more team management skills. 5. 4. 6. Developing ZSM to Director Sales: In the current organization settings, ZSM can only become Director if he/she became the partner of HBM Pharmaceuticals.

It is recommended that the position of Director Sales should not be fixed for Partners and ZSM should be developed to this position on the base of his/her performance. 6. Performance Appraisals: Performance appraisals must convey to employees how well they have performed on established goals. It’s also desirable to have these goals and performance measures mutually set between the employee and the supervisor. 6. 1. Appraisal Methods: There are several methods which are used by management to evaluate employee performance. According to the nature of business of HBM Pharmaceuticals, we are recommending a method called “Using Achieved Outcomes to Evaluate Employees” or “Management by Objectives (MBO)”. 6. 1. 1.

Management by Objectives (MBO): Four ingredients are common to MBO program: 6. 1. 1. 1. Goal specificity: The objectives in MBO should be concise statements of expected accomplishments. Tangible objectives should be expressed in the statements. 6. 1. 1. 2. Participative Decision Making: Participative decision making should be used by manager and employees, in setting objectives and agrees on how they will be achieved. As the interests of managers and employees are directly linked with stretched objectives and achievement of these objectives then they will definitely put their maximum effort to achieve those objectives. 6. 1. 1. 3. An explicit time period:

Each objective has a concise time, too, in which it is to be completed. In our situation, it is 1 month. 6. 1. 1. 4. Performance Feedback: Continuous feedback on performance and goals are recommended. Twice a week meeting should be conducted by ZSM to get performance feedback and to discuss the routine matters with the field staff and to countercheck the performance whether the sales are meting the monthly goal plan. 6. 2. Performance Evaluation Standards and Appraisals: There are different performance evaluation standards for different positions: 6. 2. 1. Office Staff: If the office staff performs their responsibilities according to their Job Description then their salary will be increased by Rs. 500 quarterly.

If the employee performance is excellent from consecutive 3 months then a special pay raise can be offered by the Director Sales. 6. 2. 2. SPO: Each SPO has some sales targets given by RSM/ZSM. It is his/her responsibility to fulfill those targets. Performance Appraisal meetings should be conducted at the end of each quarter. Upon the achievement of 80% targets for consecutive 4 months: 30% basic pay rise. Upon the achievement of 80% targets for consecutive 3 months: 20% basic pay rise. 6. 2. 3. RSM/ZSM: Upon the achievement of 80% targets for consecutive 4 months: 30% basic pay rise.

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