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9 September 2016

Medical/ insurance 2. Leave policies 3. Car/ staff bus 4. Flat 5. IT uses policies (hardware and software) 6. Bonus and incentives 7. Salary 8. Gratuity 9. Provident fund 10. Mobile 11. Recruitments 12. Employment policies 13. Traveling (local/overseas) 14. Overtime 15. Lunch/dinner 16. Orientation 17. Policy regarding IT 18. Inter office communication Employment policy: 1. Principles of employment 2. Non-Discrimination 3. Nepotism 4. Employment status (classification of employees: Regular/ contractual/ casual status{daily basis} ) 5. Appointment authority 6. Re-employment of former staff . Recruitment and hiring process 8. Job description + person specification 9. Internal recruitment 10. Outside recruitment 11. Test and interview process 12. Salary and benefits 13. Probation periods 14. Candidate evaluation 15. Probationary performance 16. Evaluation form 17. T & D assessment and record 18. Exit interview 19. Expatriate employment policy Name of the units: 1. Expolanka Group (Corporate) 2. Expolanka Bangladesh Ltd. 3. SG Logistics (Pvt. ) Ltd. 4. Freight Care Aviation Services Ltd. 5. Expo Express Services Ltd (Aramex) 6. Airline Services Ltd. (Virgin Atlantic) 7.

Global Aviation Services Ltd. ( Cathay Pacific and Dragon Air) 8. Orchid Air Ltd. 9. Wings Express Ltd. 10. Wings Classics Tours and Travels 11. SDV Bangladesh Private Ltd. 12. Air & Sea International Logistics Ltd. Bonus (Festival/ Incentive) Distribution policy Bonus distributions amongst the employees working under different units. Objective: The objective for providing this bonus is to assist all employees to celebrate their festivals with their family members for meeting extra expenses of their individual festival occasions and meet the extra financial obligations if any.

Hr Policy Essay Example

Festival Bonus: 1. All the confirmed and permanent employee under different units of expolanka group, whose job is under permanent nature will be entitled to get 2 festival bonuses in a year. 2. Probationary employees (Whose Job is not confirmed) get festival bonus. 3. The employee whose job is eligible to confirm but due to process/ system gap, the job was not confirmed on time, get full bonus. 4. The employee whose probation period is extended for a further period of any specific time/ duration due to unacceptable performance, s/he will be entitled bonus according to the recommended schedule. . The employees who are in the employment of the company as daily or casual basis would not be entitled festival bonuses. 6. But if any employee continued his/her job as daily or causal basis for a period of more than 1 year, the concern employee will be entitled 2 festival bonuses where each festival bonus will be equal to 50% of their gross salary. Contractual employees also. 7. For all cases, the basic salary will be fixed according to the pay structure i. e- Basic salary= ( Gross salary-house rent, fixed DA, fixed medical, foxed conveyance and house rent. 8. Recommended schedule for festival bonus payment: Service length| Distribution| Less then 3 months (on probation)| 50% of declared bonus| More then 3 months ( on probation)| 75% of declared bonus| Confirmed or eligible to confirm on due time| 100% of declared bonus| Schedule of festival occasions: Religion| 1st Bonus Occasions| 2nd Bonus Occasions| Muslims| Eid ul Fitr| Eid ul Azha| Hindu| Durga Puja| Eid ul Azha| Buddhist| Buddha Purnima| Eid ul Azha| Christian| Christmas Day| Eid ul Azha| Incentive Bonus:

The company may provide incentive bonus amongst its employees depends on the company’s profitability. The eligibility of the incentive benefits will be determined by the management based on the performance of individual business unit. Based on the profitability and overall situation including financial stability, the incentive bonus of each and every business unit will be different in nature and management will sanction the same by its sole discretion. The incentive bonus will be declared for a specific financial year.

As incentive is concern, so to motivate all level of employee, the incentive bonus should be distributed to all permanent nature of employees on pro-rata basis who were in the company’s employment for the specific financial year either fully or partially. The payment will be made according to the recommended schedule. Recommended schedule for incentive bonus payment: Service length| Distribution| 1 year and above| 100% of declared incentive| Below 1 year| Pro-rata basis of declared incentive|

The amount of incentive bonus will be sanctioned and declared by the management by its sole discretion considering the profitability, company’s overall financial strength and other admissible issues before distributing the incentive. The sanctioned Incentive bonus figure may be varied from year to year. The employee who has already completed their full 1 year service with the company for the specific financial year will be entitled to get full incentive bonus. Probationary employee will also entitle to get incentive bonus according to the recommended schedule on pro-rata basis.

Contractual, daily and casual nature employee will not be entitled to get incentive bonus if it is not mentioned with their service or appointment terms and conditions. Due to job nature and full involvement with the business process of different business units, Group/ corporate employees are suppose to get incentive bonus from each and every profitable company. In that case management may sanction special incentive bonus package for group/ corporate for recognizing their contribution toward all the business units under the group.

The management reserves the right to cancel, amend, alter, change, modify the policy at any time and will have also right to increase and decrease the bonus/ incentive facility to all or any individual employee with valid and justified reason without showing any formal written document. Mobile policy 1. Range for procure a set for GM and above is TK 8000-10,000, manager to DGM is TK 6000-8000 and Assistant Manager to below is TK 4000-5000 (if any). 2. If the person desires, s/he can use his/her personal mobile number for official use and cam get monthly ceiling facilities.

For this purpose the mobile line must be a post paid one from any mobile operators. 3. For junior executive to deputy manager, only the ceiling will be provided as per recommended schedule. The mobile line and set will be arranged by the concern employee at their own. If require and anybody desires, company will provide loan to the concern employee to procure a personal mobile for official use which will be deducted from monthly salary within 6 months from the date of receiving the loan. Bills: 1.

Monthly mobile bills will be paid by the company at actual basis within the sanctioned limit for the respective positions as approved by the management. Any access bill, if any, will be borne by the employee and the amount will be deducted from his/her monthly salary. For personal mobile, all are requested to submit their monthly mobile bill for necessary payment adjustment. 2. Those who are entitled overseas call for official purpose, item wise bill must be collected and payment will be made on actual basis. No personal overseas call is allowed to any employee and office will not bear any cost related to personal overseas call if any. . If any employee is terminated or left from the company or vice-versa and using official mobile phone facilities, s/he must surrender mobile set and line to the respective HR representative before the last day of his/her association with the company. The last mobile bill payment will be adjusted at the time of his/her final settlement. 4. The user will maintain the mobile seat and the charger in a very good condition, safety of the set should be ensured and the user will be fully responsible if the set/ charger is lost or stolen. 5.

If damage due to mishandling, employee will bear the full cost if require purchase a new set of existing brand and model or repair. 6. Minor repair, maintenance, battery change if required will be born by the company. 7. No residence telephone bill will be provided to any official for business purposes. Everybody must be reachable over mobile for 24 hours a day. The set is not transferable or should not be handed over to anybody. Management may approve to transfer the set and line to the person’s new assigned unit. N that case necessary inter-unit assets transferring formalities will be done by the concern accounts department of both units.

Recommended mobile ceiling including line rent Position| Operations/ sales/ marketing/ imports/ customer services| HR & Admin/ Accounts & Finance/logistics| Audit/IT/others| Director| 5000| 5000| 4500| GM| 4000| 4000| 3500| DGM| 3500| 3500| 3000| AGM| 3000| 3000| 2500| Manager| 2500| 2500| 2000| Dy. Manager/ Asstt. Manager| 2000| 2000| 1800| Sr. Executive| 1500| 1500| 1500| Executive| 1200| 1200| 1200| Jr. Executive| 600| 600| 600| Others| 600| 600| 600| Gratuity: * Gratuity policy and benefit to the permanent employees under Expolanka group, BD. Name of the fund “ Expolanka Bangladesh Ltd GRATUITY FUND’ * Approval of the fund by the income tax authority. * Gratuity rules: the rules shall be called the Expolanka BS Ltd’s staff/ employee’s Gratuity rules, 2009. Definitions: * “Gratuity” means salary/ wages payable on separation of employment to the workers/staffs. * “Employee” means a person who is employed by the management of the company in any kind of work, manual or otherwise, for salary/wages and is on the pay roll of the company and his job is confirmed as permanent employee.

Objective of the fund: The objective of the fund shall be to provide the eligible employees with some financial benefit and the amount will be ascertained according to the rules and be payable to him on cessation of service with the company except by way of dismissal or discharge as a measure of punishment due to misconduct as per labour law. Entitlement of Gratuity: 1. The gratuity shall be paid to all permanent employees of the company who have completed at least 5 years continuous service with the company. 2.

Any employees whose service is retrenched and re-employed from the company shall be entitled to count his previous service, if it is commenced after launching this policy. 3. It is further provided that, the transfer from Expolanka BD ltd to any allied/sister company or companies or vice versa shall be considered as continuation of service. Operation of the fund: 1. The company shall contribute to the fund on monthly basis. 2. In case of consolidated salary of the employees, 60% of it shall be treated as basic pay/wages for the purpose of these rules. . The fund position shall be reviewed at the end of each accounting year in respect of provision, deposition; investment etc and the said position shall be adjusted/ rationalized accordingly. Payment of Gratuity: 1. The gratuity shall be paid, on fulfillment of terms & conditions as being laid down herein, at the following rate: SL No. | Length of service| Rate of gratuity| 01. | Not less than 5 years but not more than 10 years| @ 1 month’s basic pay/wages per completed year of service and 50% thereof in excess of 6 months or above. 02| More than 10 years| @ 1. 5 month’s basic pay/wages per completed year of service and 50% thereof in excess of 6 months or above. | 2. Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this rule, employees of the company on death, or discharge/ retirement duly approved by the company on medical ground or disablement or physical or mental incapability or continued ill health shall receive gratuity at the rate of one & half months basic pay for each completed year of service or for any part thereof as per clause 1 (Above table).

Length of service: 1. The length of service of an employee, for the purpose of calculation of gratuity, shall be reckoned with his date of joining in any unit/ establishment/ enterprise of Expolanka Bangladesh limited or its associated and alliance concerns. 2. Retirement means normal separation of employment of a worker on attaining certain age (60 years of his/her age). Provided that retirement shall also include voluntary retirement from service on completion of 25 years of service in the company.

Continuity of Service: The continuous service of the period of service which may have the following interruptions in service due to- 1. Any holiday 2. Any leave with/without pay or wages 3. Any maternity leave not exceeding 16 weeks 4. Any lay off 5. Any legal strike or illegal lock out The continuity of service shall also include the period of service rendered in the sister/allied company and the status of such company whether sister/allied or not shall be determined by the “trustee board. ” Payment on death:

In the event of death of any employee, the management committee shall hold the amount and credit the same to the account of the decreased employee fir disbursement to the person (s) who has been nominated and in absence to the heirs as per succession certificate in accordance with the provisions hereinafter contained. Nominations: Each employee shall nominate person to receive the amont of gratuity fund in the event of his death. If minor (below 18) than employee at the same time appoint another person who is not minor.

If any employee nominate more than one person, than he should specify the percentage of share payable to each of the nominees.. Prohibition in utilization of fund: No employee shall be entitled to draw money from the fund during the continuation of his employment. Accounting year: Accounting year means July to June of every calendar year. Software/Hardware Policy Acceptable use: Hardware devices, software programs, and network systems purchased and provided by the company are to be used only for creating, researching, and processing company-related materials.

By using the company’s hardware, software and network systems you assume personal responsibility for their appropriate use and agree to comply with this policy and other applicable company policies, as well as government laws and regulations. Software: All software must be used in compliance with applicable licenses, notices, contracts and agreements. Purchasing: IT department shall be purchased all software. All request for software must be submitted to the concern authority for approval as per company’s asset procurements policy. The request must then be sent to the IT department.

Head of corporate IT, HR and Finance will review and update this standard software every 3 months as appropriate based on current vendor release, enhancements, modifications, business needs, budget consideration. Hardware Standards: Desktops (Basic Configuration) * Processor- Intel core 2 duo or higher * RAM- 2 GB * HDD- 250 GB or Higher * AGP * Optical Drive * Network Interface * USB ports * Standard PS2 Keyboard * Standard PS2 Mouse * LPT ports ( If require to connect other device) * All applicable cables * Monitor-LCD 17” or 19” ( depending on job requirement) * Warranty- 3 years is preferred or 1 years Operating Systems- windows 7 downgrade to windows XP Professional Brand- HP Price Limit- TK 60,000 (max) Laptops (Basic Configuration) Manager to above positions are eligible to entitle laptop along with internet connection. Other positions may get laptop with/without internet connection based on job requirement which need to be justifying through asset procurement policy and approval must be provided to employees who required frequent work beyond office hour and need to work away from the office. * Processor- Intel core i3 or higher * RAM- 2 GB HDD- 250 GB or Higher * Optical Drive * Network Interface * USB ports * WEB cam, WLAN, Bluetooth * All applicable cables * 14” or 15” display, directors may use display smaller than 14” ( depending on job requirement) * UPS * Warranty- 3 years * Operating Systems- windows 7 downgrade to windows XP Professional In general the brand should be HP. For director’s/CEO/COO level employee, reputed branded laptop to be provided. Price Limit- TK 70,000 (max) sr. executive to deputy manager Price Limit- TK 1, 00,000 (max) managers to general manager

Price Limit- TK 1, 50,000 (max) Director/COO/CEO Policy of using information technology for Expolanka group, Bangladesh 1. Purpose: the purpose of the policy is to define the proper utilization of IT and electronic resources including all the office automation system for Expolanka group. This policy guidebook details the steps necessary to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations protecting Expolanka IT assets and electronic resources. This guidebook summarizes the authority and responsibility of every user’s of Expolanka employees.

The policies contained in this guidebook also are applicable to every consultant, contractor and any other temporary or permanent staff embers. 2. Scope: this policy is to be followed by all the employees of Expolanka group and other related concerns. 3. User IDS and PASSWORDS: concern employees and users are personally accountable for all usage of their assigned IDs and passwords to access information and perform transactions. This includes: * Using only their own IDs and passwords. * Keeping passwords confidential Changing passwords at according to security parameters, or immediately if it is suspected that a password has been disclosed. 4. Systems use: * All the computer and communication systems are to be used for business purpose only. * Message sent over computer and communication systems are the property of Expolanka, which reserve the right to examine any data stored is or transmitted by these systems. * Employees should not use their own personal computer, computer peripherals, or computer software to conduct official business on Expolanka property. All software installation is to be done by authorized IT personnel. * Employees should not generate, acquire, install, or use unauthorized copies of any software. 5. Internet: * Expolanka group always encourage utilizing working time and computer equipment properly. This includes access to and use of the World Wide Web, or internet. * All web sites are browsed, viewed should be related to the assigned job function. * Immediately close the browsing software after work. * Downloading of work-appropriate documents greater than 2 megabyte must be done during non-peak hours. . E-mail 7. Instant messaging 8. Virus protection 9. Confidential information 10. Laptop computers 11. Procurement process 12. Physical access security 13. Backup 14. Intellectual property ownership 15. Privacy 16. Remote access 17. Communication/ telephone use 18. Fax use 19. Management discretion Employee medical benefit policy: Sound mental and physical health always ensures highest level of productivity at work. To ensure maximum productivity by minimum human resources, the employee concern as well as the organization directly or indirectly can pay ital role for ensuring sound mental and physical health of each and every individual. Employee medical benefit policy is applicable for all the permanent nature of employment (except contractual, casual, daily basis) employees of different business units under Expolanka group BD. The key objectives of developing the employee medical benefit policy are: 1. To ensure sound mental and physical health of the employee and authorized member of the family. 2. To ensure highest level of productivity at work. 3.

To attract, recruit and retain the talents. 4. To enhance the image of the company. 5. To follow a standard practice within the organization. Company Doctor: On the policy it is written The company already engaged a part time general medical practitioner to check employee’s health in a weekly besis. Hospitalization plan with Pragati Life insurance limited company: Almost everyone can afford outpatient treatment, but when hospitalization is requirted the heavy expenditure incurred for hospital treatment adds to the worry and anxiety.

In order to free from the worry and anxiety of hospitalization treatment expenses, Expolanka Group BD decides on a health insurance scheme with Pragati life insurance limited. to provide the best service towards employees the company paid the insurance premium by its own favor of the employee (self, spouse and up to 2 children) to ensure maximum relief from the hospitalization treatment expenses. How the employee will get benefit: 1. Easy to take admission in the designated hospital by showing Health insurance card. 2. Maternity coverage for married women without any extra premium.

Maternity benefit shall be effective after 6 moths of membership under the plan for the spouse of a male employee. However, for female employees, maternity coverage shall be from the date of commencement. 3. Overseas treatment in India/Thailand/Singapore is also allowed as per mutual agreement. What will cover: 1. Hospital accommodation in private room 2. Consultation with physicians and/ or surgeons during hospitalization. 3. Medical investigation and test during hospitalization. 4. Major and intermediate surgical operations. 5. Use of operation theatre, anesthesia and other services. . Medicines during hospitalization 7. Ancillary services like, labor room. Post-operation care and intensive care facility, blood transfusion, oxygen therapy etc. Hospitalization and claim procedure: Prior to admission the hospital/clinic the patient (employee) will simply complete a claim notification from (available in HR department) and submit it to HR department along with consulting doctor’s advice note. The HR department will send it to the Pragati life office to obtain a letter of authorization for admission and advice the patient accordingly.

The patient shall submit the claim through the HR department in the prescribed from along with the supporting original documents for reimbursement of expenses. In case of emergency, prior authorization is not necessary but Pragati life should be notified through the employer within 48 hours of submission. Benefit schedule (with sub-limits per confinement) under hospital insurance plan: Plan (maximum benefit) per member per year| Executive TK 50,000/=| Executive plus TK 80,000/=| Corporate TK 1,00,000/=| Corporate plus TK 1,50,000/=| Premium(per live/year)| 900| 1600| 1800| 3000|

Hospital stay| 10| 12| 14| 14| Room rent (actual or max taka per day)| 1200| 1500| 2000| 3500| All other in-patient treatment expenses inclusive or surgical charges, consultation fees, medicines and relevant medical investigation related to the ailment and other ancillary services(excluding room & ICU charges) maximum per disability| 30,000| 48000| 60,000| 90,000| Maternity benefit (actual or max)Normal deliveryCaesarian deliveryLegal abortion or miscarriage| 10,00020,0004000| 15,00025,0005000| 20,00030,0005000| 250004000010000| Medical benefits for outpatient treatment: esignation| Per annum entitlement in BDT| Non-management position (OS, SOA,Loader,TA,Jr. executive etc. )| 5000 (allowance per annum)| Executive to sr. executive| 8000(allowance per annum)| Assistant manager to dy. Manager| 10,000(allowance per annum)| Manager to sr. manager| 15,000(allowance per annum)| AGM/DGM/GM| 36,000 ( at actual but not exceeding the amount per annum)| COO/CEO/Director/ED/MD| At actual or as per service contract| Expatriate employee(irrespective of holding any job level)| At actual or as per service contract| Entitlement of hotel and daily allowance (Previous)

Level of officers| Normal limit ( In US$) per day| Hotel standard| Remarks| Director| US$ 150. 00 per day| 5/4 star| | General manager| US$ 100. 00 per day| 5/4 star| | Deputy general managerAssistant general managermanager| US$ 75. 00 per day| 3 star| | Deputy managerAssistant managerSr. ExecutiveExecutive| US$ 50. 00 per day| 3 star| | Remarks| Considering the cost of living standard an additional US $ 25 will be added for visiting the countries e. g. japan, germany, Singapore, hong kong, korea, usa,Canada,uk and other European countries. Entitlement of hotel and daily allowance (Previous)

Level of officers| Normal limit ( In US$) per day| Hotel standard| Remarks| Managing Director| US$ 150. 00 for SAARC and US$ 175 for other countries | 5 star| | Director/COO/CHRO/CFO| US$ 100. 00 for SAARC and US$ 125 for other countries| 5/4 star| | General manager| US$ 75. 00 for SAARC and US$ 100 for other countries| 5/4 star| | Deputy general managerAssistant general managermanager| US$ 75. 00 per day for all the countries| 3 star| | Deputy managerAssistant managerSr. ExecutiveExecutive| US$ 50. 00 per day for all the countries| 3 star| | Policy for overseas travel/tour

The TA/DA rules for overseas visit/ foreign tour for the management staff of Expolanka group has been revised as under to be effective from September 01, 2005 For travel outside BD Director and above position are entitled business class air fare and all other officers are entitled for economy class air fare and other related expenses such as visa fees, travel tax, terminal tax, embarkation fees, which would be reimbursed at actual on the basis of supporting documents/vouchers etc. management may allow higher class air fare beyond the entitlement if so required for EMERGENCY situation.

Hotel fare will be billed at actual including bread and breakfast and the payment will be made by the company. The DA entitlement will be effected under the following rules and regulation: 1. The daily allowance are given to a person considering his/her expenses for food and entertainment, pocket money, disturbance, incidents, incentive and other related costs during one’s stay at outside country. 2. The basis of calculation of DA (per diem) shall be as follows (including reporting time at airport/station) From day of departure| Before 12 noon After 12 noon| Full D.

AHalf D. A| arrival| Before 12 noon After 12 noon| No D. AHalf D. A| Others: 1. In principal, respective unit HR department will assist to concern employee to make their visit smooth and ensure all the process done accordingly. Hotel booking and air ticket will be arranged by the office in consultation of the concern employee. 2. Air ticket will be purchased directly from wings classics tours and travels ltd. ( a business unit of Expolanka group) and if possible they will arrange the hotel booking for the same trip ( if not arranged from our service offices). 3.

After return from tour/visit, the employee must submit the actual bill and voucher to accounts department for adjustment of advance (excluding DA) within 7 days of his/her arrival. Car allowance: Due to escalation of fuel and cng price, management of Expolanka group is pleased to revise the car allowance. (note book) Managers who are engaged in regular sales activities of the organization and need to mane frequently visit in the market will get additional BDT 4500 only per month in addition to their above ceiling. Overtime policy for office staff ( other than CFS and AIRPORT) 1. lunch, refreshment & Dinner on working days:

Positions| Lunch(if anyone work outside office from 12. 00 noon to 3. 00pm for official special duty) BDT| Refreshment allowances (if work up to 8. 00PM) in BDT| Fixed overtime-in BDT| Dinner (if anyone continue work after 11. 00PM or above) in BDT| Management staff| 35| 35| Nil| 100| Non-management staff| 75| nil| At actual| 60| Note: a. considering the job nature sales, marketing and other staff (who suppose to work outdoor frequently) are not allowed to claim lunch or dinner allowance b. official staffs will be allowed to claim lunch bill subject to prior approval to respective supervisor with justification of claim the bill c. o transport allowance/conveyance are allowed from residence-office residence d. Management staffs will get taxi/auto-rickshaw fare at actual for official visit outside. If required company vehicle will be provided (if requisition is raised earlier). e. Non-management staffs will get only bus fare for official visit. For emergency, company vehicle will be provided. 2. Holiday allowance (minimum working hour should not be less than 3 hours) Position| Entertainment allowance (BDT) for minimum 6 hrs of stay in office| Entertainment allowance (BDT) for minimum 3 hrs of stay in office| Manager, sr. anger, AGM, DGM, GM and above| At actual| At actual| Assistant manager to deputy manager| 600| 400| Executive to senior executive| 500| 300| Junior executive| 250( no overtime is entitled)| 150 ( no overtime is entitled)| Other non-management staff| 225 ( no overtime is entitled)| 125 ( no overtime is entitled)| 3. Night allowance on working day: Position| Night allowance ( if anyone really need to work till 11. 00PM at night) in BDT| Night allowance ( if anyone really need to work till 06. 00AM ) in BDT| Assistant Manager to Deputy Manager| 175| 275| Jr. Executive to senior executive| 125| 250| Note: a.

Night allowance will be given as per schedule-2 in addition of the refrestment and dinner allowance b. Non-management staff (excluding Jr. executive) will get OT at actual beyond their schedule working hour c. No transport allowance/ conveyance is allowed from residence. 3. Management fixed the overtime for office staffs as under: Position| Fixed OT per hour| Remarks| Junior executive| 35| N/A| Others non-management staffs| 30| N/A| Overtime policy, procedure and guidelines: Eligibility for overtime (O. T. ) In principle, expolanka group does not encourage overtime since it takes personal time away from an employee.

Therefore, Expolanka group advises all operational units to ensure that an effective manpower plan is available and in operation in order to run business smoothly. But sometimes, in order to achieve departmental targets or due to urgent events overtime may be required to meet business needs. Employees (staff) between the levels of junior staff, i. e. only the non-management staffs are eligible for receiving overtime. Overtime (O. T. ) calculation/rate The company pays overtime to the personnel of above employee levels at the rate of “1. 5 times of the besic salary-for working day” and “2. times of the basic salary-for holiday” using the following calculation procedure: Overtime rate per hour= (basic salary/ 240 hrs* 1. 5)-for working day Overtime rate per hour= (basic salary/ 240 hrs* 2. 0)-for holiday In all cases the calculation of wages and salary is based on 30 (thirty) days average in a month. Because a full time/ permanent employee is entitled weekly and other declared holidays and also paid for it. Criteria/ pre-requisite for claiming overtime 1. The entitled personnel are allowed to claim the overtime if s/he worked normally more than 1 hour after or before the office duration for an individual day.

But subsequent or continuous practice for the same ( if exceed more than 7 days in a month) may be counted as overtime. In that case concern person should inform to the respective department head/HR representative for the same. 2. No conveyance bill is allowed from employees residence to work station except if the duty starts before 6. 00 AM and after 12. 00 PM 3. In case of starting duty before 6. 00AM and after 12. 00PM the employee concern will be allowed to claim baby taxi/bus fare at actual. 4.

No breakfast/lunch/dinner/Tiffin allowance will be provided to the non-management staffs for any sorts of overtime/extra work. 5. For causal employee, overtime rate will be calculated according to their daily wages. 6. For contractual employee, 50% of total salary will be counted as basic salary and overtime rate will be calculated based on the said basic salary. 7. Management staff will not be allowed to claim any overtime, but they can claim the refreshment/ Tiffin/ lunch/dinner at actual with a reasonable amount ( for lunch maximum tk 60, for refreshment maximum tk 20) if deemed necessary.

For claiming refreshment, the employee should work at lest 2 hours after office. 8. Actual TA may also claim from office to residence if any executive worked at lest 3 hours after office for the working day and if company’s vehicle is not provided. Local travel policy: The TA(transport allowance) DA (daily allowance) accommodation expense policy for local tour for the management/non management staff(s) of Expolanka group has been revised as under to be effective from January 01, 2006 Recommended schedule-DA, TA and Hotel accommodation expenses:

Designation| TA| DA(EX-HQ)(taka)| DA(out station)(Taka)| HotelAccommodation(at actual)| Director or equivalent| Company transport/ Car (under car policy)/ air/ ac bus/ac train/highest class of steamer| 1000| 2000| Standard with AC (single)| General manager or equivalent| Company transport/ Car (under car policy)/ air/ ac bus/ac train/highest class of steamer| 800| 1600| Standard with AC (single)| DGM/AGM/Manager or equivalent| Company transport/ Car (under car policy)/ air/ ac bus/ac train/highest class of steamer| 600| 1200| Standard with AC (single)| Deputy manager/ assistant manager or equivalent| Company transport/AC bus/train (1st class with AC)/ 1st class steamer | 500| 1000| AC (single)| Sr. executive/ executive (or equivalent)| AC bus/1st class train/ 1st class steamer| 400| 800| Non AC| Jr. executive/ officer/ sr. office assistant/ senior assistant or equivalent| Bus (non AC)/ Train (Non AC)| 300| 600| Non AC| Security guard/ messenger/ peon/office boy/driver or equivalent| Bus (non AC)/ Train (Non AC)| 100| 200| Non ACeconomy| The following conditions shall be observed to claim the allowances: 1.

EX-HQ means traveling outside base station and being able to return on the same day and the minimum distance from base station should not be less than approximately 60 km (one way) 2. If work is involved for the whole day (at least 6 hours) in the visited EX-HQ place and traveling starts after work and reaches base station after 10 PM, he/she will be entitled to get EX-HQ for the day. 3. Out station means traveling outside base station where at least one night halt is essential. 4. The basis of calculation of DA (per diem) shall be as follows (including reporting time at airport/ station): From day of departure| Before 12 noonAfter 12 noon| Full D. A. Half D. A. arrival| Before 12 noonAfter 12 noon| Half D. A. Full D. A. | 5. The daily allowance is given to a person considering his/her expenses for food and entertainment, pocket money, disturbance, incidents, incentive and other related costs during one’s stay at outside of his workplace. 6. For tours on weekly or public holidays the EX-HQ and out station allowances will be 1. 5 times of the normal approval rate and if required the staff will work on the same day for official work. 7. If an employee uses company car for official traveling with prior approval from management, he/she will be entitled to reimburse actual fuel/CNG cost for such travel.

If the personal driver is accompany with the concern personnel, the concern personal driver (not in company payroll) will also get the TA/DA as same as official driver. 8. On emergency situation, faster moving transport 9. If any employee is placed in another workstation for a temporary period of maximum 15 days, s/he will get the normal DA applicable for him/her. If stay up to 30 days, 75% of his/her D. A for the rest 15 days. 10. If company provides guest house/ accommodation facility to the employee, the employe must be availed that and no question of hotel accommodation allowance will be raised for this reason. 11. If stay with relative, management may allow additional 50% of their daily allowance as accommodation allowance.

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