Hr Profession Map

8 August 2016

The HR Profession Map (HRPM) is a map that was created by HR Professionals for HR Professionals. Anyone who works in the HR profession is able to use the map to reflect on their current role and help them develop themselves and their career in HR. The HRPM will outline what is expected of the HR professional whether they work as a general practitioner or a specialist practitioner. It is an extremely effective tool to use in order to keep track of career objectives and to keep knowledge up to date. The HRPM is contains 3 key elements. 1. Professional areas – what HR practitioners need to do and know 2.

Behaviours – How to carry out work activities 3. Bands – How to develop your role In total, there are 10 Professional Areas which describe the responsibilities and knowledge needed, the depth for each of these vary depending on what band the practitioner is working at. There are two Professional Areas that apply to all HR Professionals, regardless of what band they are working at. These are ‘Insights, strategy and solutions’ as the practitioner needs a deep understanding of the business. The second is ‘Leading and managing the function’ as once the business is understood, the practitioner then needs to act as a role model leader.

Hr Profession Map Essay Example

The other 8 Professional Areas are; Organisation Design, Organisation Development, Resourcing and Talent Planning, Learning and Talent Development, Performance and Reward, Employee Engagement, Employee Relations, Service Delivery and Information Whilst working within a HR role, the 8 behaviours needed to be considered and ensured they are being working towards. ‘Different combinations of the 8 behaviours link to each Professional Area depending on the role being carried out’. The behaviours are as follows; 1. Decisive Thinker – The ability to analyse and understand data and information quickly 2.

Skilled Influencer – The ability to influence and gain commitment from other co-workers 3. Personally Credible – Builds and delivered professionalism 4. Collaborative – The ability to be able to work with a diverse range of people 5. Driven to Deliver – Demonstrated determination in order to achieve the best results for the organisation 6. Courage to Challenge – The ability to show courage and challenge others 7. Role Model – Leads by example 8. Curious – Is willing to learn The Map’s Professional Areas and Behaviours are displayed in four bands, starting from Band 1 (entry level) to Band 4 (senior level).

Supports colleagues with administration Band 2 – Advise on HR related issues Band 3 – Lead a Profession Area Band – Leads and manages a Professional Area To conclude, the HR Profession Map reflects the variety in HR. It describes what you need to do and how to do it within each Professional Area at the 4 bands of professional competence. It captures what HR practitioners do within their role and it looks at the skills, behaviour and knowledge they need to be successful and make the relevant transitions through the bands

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