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2 February 2017

Provision function: is a consecutive process of human resources planning, job analysis, recruitment, selection, placement and incorporation. HR Planning The ongoing process of systematic planning is to achieve optimum use of an organization’s most valuable asset – its human resources. The objective of HR planning is to ensure the best fit between employees and jobs, while avoiding manpower shortages or surpluses.

Sands Corporation would have to look at the three key elements of the HR planning process, which are: forecasting labour demand, analyzing present labour supply, and balancing projected labour demand and supply.Proper human resource planning will enable Sands HR department to plan recruitment, selection, training and career development . The HR plan needs to be flexible enough to meet short-term staffing challenges, while adapting to changing conditions in the business and environment over the longer term. Job Analysis and Design Job analysis is the process by which HR systematically investigate the task, duties and responsibilities of the jobs within an organisation. For human resource to be effective, Sands HR must be aware of the essentials that amount to each position.That is there should be a process whereby the substance, demands and responsibilities of a job are determined. Therefore two sets of information should originate from job analysis.

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First, Job Description which is the document that identifies and defines: a job in terms of duties, responsibilities, tasks and supervisory relationships. Second, Job Specification which is a written statement which emphasises the characteristics required from the incumbent to perform the job successfully, which should include skills, abilities and knowledge .Recruitment and selection the process of acquiring applicants who are available and qualified to fill the positions and choosing from a group of applicants the individual best suited for a particular position. Recruitment usually comes about as a result of HR planning and vacant positions that have to be filled. The staffing personnel, should use the job analysis as the point of departure, and follow steps such as recruitment planning, recruitment action (how, where and when), the type of recruiting source, screening and selecting .HR manager and the staffing personnel should through the recruiting process, consider the legal aspects as well, such as the labour Relation Act, No. 66 of 1995, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, No.

75 of 1997 and the Employment Equity Act, no. 55 of 1998. Placement this is the process by which the staffing specialist will place a new appointed employee in an organisation, or transfer existing employees are transferred to new posts. Placement is important because of the heterogeneity of the labour groups.The staffing personnel should make sure that there is “FIT” between the job itself and the new job incumbent, so that there would be high productivity and a lower turn over from the new incumbent. It should be clear that placement is a combination of the employers’ requirement to fill a position successfully and the employee’s motivation to reach the top. Incorporation The specialist in training and development should attend and make sure that the new employee settles into the new position.

The employee should be provided with the information regarding the organisation and its culture through orientation, must also be given specific information about the position and the department should be given through induction. The new employee must be made to feel part of the new work group as soon as possible. The training personnel need to explain the organisations policies, rules and regulations to the new employee as well as counter negative influences by fellow workers.

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