HRM Assignment

1 January 2017

In organization what are challenges for HRM department? Etc… Introduction:- Now a day we known world is changing very fast. Every organization going international level, we see the organization have braches in different country. However, today the world become small like village & is changing day by day more rapidly because of globalization. Looking this changing around world then we have to prepare HRM for our organization because this changing of world affect our work. This means considerate the allegation of globalization, global economy, competition, technological dvancement, knowledge based economy, more expectation from employee, workforce diversity and etc… Let’s see some of them how this changing effect HRM goals, objectives & practice. Globalization:- Fast changing of world & its environment, the organization members face the globalization of business. Now day’s organization is no longer controlled by nationwide boundaries. Example: – BMW, this company owned from Germany but this company manufacture its Cars in South Carolina. Same McDonald’s have braches in different country around the world; they sale “Hamburgers” in china.

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American company Exxon is collecting it sale revenue more than “three-fourths” outside of USA. This example shows that the world becomes very small like “global village”, manufacturing and producing goods & service around the world. It’s effective in this global market, so organization members need to familiarize with country cultures, its system, and use “technique different from own”. In today world famous organization of America, like Coca- Cola, Wal-Mart, AFLAC this organization obtain major part of their annual revenues from overseas process. The increase of worldwide and conglomerate firm places fresh wants on HR managers.

For occasion, HR must make sure that they have right employees with good skills, knowledge, and they have culture compliance to handle international work. Every country has their own rules, regulation and has different values, customs, political, laws and etc. HR mangers have to understand the societal issues (like e. g. status) that can be effect the process of organization in some country. Every country always has different rule & regulation in compare to other country. In America, laws protector against company taking action against workers exclusively on the necessary of a workers age.

And not all country has same laws. HRM also need to develop method which help multicultural people work individuals on one platform. In organization more common, employee clash is possibly increased in “background, language, custom, or age difference”. HRM need to make groups and find to build proper teams & tried to reduce clash. Technology:- Because of technology the world become very small and we see there are lot of changes around us due to technology, before 25 years ago we don’t find computer, net, mobile, fax & Xerox machine, and many advance machinery & devices.

Now a day we using in our daily life, without this think we can’t do our daily activities. Day today new technology coming in market we see first computer after that laptop now a day we see note book and I pad. “The silicon chip and other advances in technology have permanently altered world economics and, as well show momentarily, the way people work. ” From advance technology we can share data, put data, through device we can communicate with each other and change information, share it & stored it. Let’s, we what information about our sales department and we want known what current situation.

Before 25 to 30 years ago, first we need to submit our proposal to sale department, after couple of week we get answer of our proposal. Today we can easily get information and we can easily assess information from computer. Similarly we can easily assess our Account system also. Example:- In America 1970, many reputed organization like General Electric, Citigroup Global Technologies, Wal-Mart & 3M. This company are using automatic system for their offices, industrialized automatics system, computer- devise software, microprocessors and better technology in their organization.

Because of technology, these organizations make great services & products and maintain competitive advantage. Technology process considered to make work more efficient, through any devices, machinery, and tools. And technology improvement provides best result and best output & information. Technology has optimistic effect also on internal process of organization. However, it also changed the way human resource manger work. The work and give support in what they contain turn into extra help communication centers. They circulate the information very quickly through computer, telephone, fax machines, printer and other advance devices.

And they work anyplace through the computer, laptop, high-speed net at any time. The effect of technology identify, then mangers work better and with good plan of HRP, make better decisions & faster, more visibly identify work, & make stronger communications channel, with both view employees & external society. Example: – Recruiting is most critical part, of broadcasting information to individuals. Newspaper adverts, from someone mouth, and posting jobs online. On company website or many specific jobsite on online, e. g. monster. com, jobs. com and etc. his online is big platform for HR manger to find out skills candidates. Or asked to candidates for paper print of CV and some company asking to submit online CV, from here manger can scanned quickly and significance to the job in analysis. Workforce Diversity:- Now a day, organization becomes extra diverse, company now days adapting their HR practice to reproduce those changes. In the world standard organizations today they have workforce diversity programs, such as Back of America. They provide diversity training program, promote, “encourage vendor diversity” to their workers.

In some organization, in reality ways they do cultural audits to make sure that diversity is enveloping in the organization. Such as like Motorola, Mars, Coca-cola. Example: – “Distinctive voices working together within a common culture” Mars described how they are doing business. They believe that the company success is improved by having a workforce, completed of connections from lots of different backgrounds and they have society and customer in different types of individuals. And they have value talents to contributions of their diverse workforce in reaching towards future and they playing big role of leadership.

Source: (www. mars. com/other_policies/diversity. as) Workforce diversity wants employers to be more aware to the differences that every group convey to the work background. Employers have to be familiar with & transact among different values, wants, comfort, and anticipation of workers. They have to stay away from any exercise or act that can be taking as being sexist, racist, or offensive to any exacting group & also not unlawfully distinguish against workers. Employers also find different ways to support workers in managing work/life issues. Changing nature of HRM: –

Trends like workforce, competitive & demographic these types of force businesses to change how they do things. As an example when there is more competition in market that mean more pressure for lower prices, & “make employees more productive”. That’s why most company are cutting staff, out sourcing duties & setup fresh productivity- getting better technologies. And same as part of these hard work, also they expect their “HR managers” to “add value”, in different words to make better organizational presentation in measurable conduct. (Fundamental of HRM) HRM role in managing workforce:-

In 1960, there are personnel departments in many organizations they look about as “health & happiness” group. This department do main work like planning company “picnics”, scheduling vacation trip for organization, register workers for heath-cares reporting, and preparation for retirement get-together. This are changed earlier than past three decades. According to Federal & state laws:- Employers have more new requirements relating to appoint and employment exercise. Occupations are also changed. Employers are become more practical & want workers with great knowledge & great skills.

In ancient time the workers work on specific sectors, and working same job duties among others who do comparable jobs. Now days workers are just as similar, but they are working on project teams and with different people with different department in organization. Some of them do their work at home and hardly ever see any of their collaborators. And now days we see in the world the global competition has increased the importance of make better workforce and making better productivity around globally for most excellent expert workers.

As a result we need HRM in different expert in sociology, psychology, work design, regulation and in organization. Today many organizations identify the significance of “people” gathering their target. So, HRM should balance 2 main key tasks; give right strategic direction to organization and demonstrating & promoting for organizations employees. In today world organization HRM role is major & important. So HRM should need to think forward. HRM not only need to mange management but also give right strategic direction to management “people” for achieving the goal and objective of organization.

Whatever strategic direction gives in organization is related to business strategy always. Its show that working with line management is illuminate organization structure, traditions, & system presentation, and show what are changes & development is necessary. HRM should hand out to organization through formative least possible price strategies to its HRM exercises. The organization has many parts, from many parts Human resources management is one part of organization. HRM deals with “people” in organization. There is one or two different ways to view HRM, 1st is HRM hold up or employees function in organization.

Its role to give direction to employees and those who are in production department develop product and service for organization. 2nd in every organization HRM is function of all mangers occupation. The manger work or not in HRM department the truth is that all mangers mange and handle employees in organization. Around the world every organization has people, and they are managing & handling “people”. For mange people they go through from developing their skills & knowledge, motivating at good standard & perfect result, and make sure that they are going right direction according to organization goals and objectives.

Recruiting: – The good successful employment setting up is planned to classify company HR requirements. These types of requirements called as a company would like to gather them. On next level of recruitment, the company assuming and demanding for convinced expertise, understanding and capability is better from the present supply is recruiting. The company have to obtain the people required to make sure the continual action of the business. Recruiting is the method to find out possible applicant for genuine organizational position.

An effective recruiting method needs a major “pool” of applicants to decide from and the extra variety inside that group the improved. Getting an acceptable “pool” of applicants, though, might not be simple, particularly in a stretched employment marketplace. The main & primary aim of recruiting is exchange a few words the situations in such a technique that employment hunter reply. Because, extra request get, the recruiters get chance to find out good skill & knowledgeable person who is most excellent suitable for the position requirements.

A high-quality recruiting method must pull the skilled and dispirit the unskilled. Gathering this double aim will reduce the price of processing unskilled applicants. There are some factors that can affect recruiting efforts; Entire world all organization small or big, first time or another time they always engage & involved with recruiting actions. Some organization does more recruiting than others; they have big size requiting factor, an organization with one lacks employees should recruit constantly. So, some organization such fast food, small services, organization & firms are paying lower salaries.

Some others also have power to do amount of recruiting. The local community have power to make decision on employment how many recruiting takes position in organization. The earlier period of recruiting automatically show in company past capability to situate & continue those people who achieve well. And wages & package benefits and operational condition these things also have power income & as a result, the requirement for future recruiting. Some company not doing well in market but they what little recruit.

On the other side we see the company doing well, making good profit & expending their business; some example of rising company FedEx and Home Depot. In these companies always recruitment is going on and this company have most important HR activities. Recruitment efforts are big challenge for this well doing company also. Perfect & skills employees are flattering harder to position. “Unemployment in new millennium, although fluctuating, still relatively low. ” (Page: 147, Fundamental of HRM) that’s why HRM needs to develop new strategies to position & the skills what company wants to achieve their goals & objectives.

In recruitment there are two parts which can help organization to recruit & develop their employees and through employees they can achieve goals of business. The two parts, first is internal search and second is External search. Selection: – After recruiting, Selection most important activities, its start from initial screening interview & finishing with final employment result. In selection there are eight stages; initial screening interview, finishing application structure, employment exams, comprehensive interview, locale investigation, provisional carer offer, medical and physical tests and permanent work offer.

When employees pass all the stages of selection, he or she get job in organization. There are lots of benefits for organization doing selection process on their employees, they get perfect & good skill employees and selected employees are capable to achieve goals & objective of organization in future. This selection process is foundation stage for organization, the foundation is perfect then outcomes are better and long term. Example: – McDonalds fast moving organization, they are selecting many employees in their organization, first they recruit nline and then call employees for interview. In interview they go through selection process and chose key skills employees which helpful for their organization outcomes and goals & objective. Training & Development: – After selection process, training and development of employees are key role of HRM. Through training and development employees know where, what, how & etc do work, what organization wants from employees. In training organization show employees what are duties, how to work and training also involve changing skills, knowledge, attitudes of employees.

In development organization develops employee’s skills, knowledge, education and etc. HRM mangers decide what training & development needs to employees. Example: – if any swimmer wants to take part in Olympic 2012, the swimmer need lots of training and develops speed, taking knowledge from coach or senior swimmer; for achieve goal to come first in race. Same, employees need training and development to achieve organization goals and objective. In U. S. A many standard companies spend billions of money on employees training and development.

When organization gives perfect training and develops skills & knowledge to their employees, organization get lots of benefits and better outcomes according goals & objectives of organization. Performance management: – Performance management process involve number of activities, in simply they review what employees has done. This process should perform many purposes, and additionally they constrained on problems in how they can manage. Performance judgment should communicate to employees how well they have performed on recognized goals and objectives.

And these goals & performance determine mutually understanding between the supervisor & employee. Without perfect feedback to employee’s efforts & its result on performance; we are declining employee’s motivation, this is big risking. The performance valuation process negligent, if process didn’t worry owns self with legal facets to employee performance. Example; supervisor have planed to terminate employee, then supervisor refer to performance subject and reason for terminate a review of employee current performance evaluation shows that performance was estimate the satisfactory or the precedent 2 review times. Thus, unless this employees performance considerably decline, on supervisor’s decision personal records don’t support. This analysis checks by HRM and see the employee reasonably treated and the organization is secure & protected. Employee Relation & Reward System: – Employer & its employees good relationship is most important factor for achieve organization goals and objective for success. Employers should to treat their employees with good respect, motivated them and etc to achieve goals & success for organization.

Some organization does not focus on employee relation so they lose market and productivity. (M. Nandhini, M. Usha & Dr. P. Palanivelu) and most of standard organization like McDonald’s, Tesco, Star Bucks, & most of American companies and European companies they spent lots of money on employees through reward system for achieve organization goal and objective. Money & reward the organization spent on their employees is not expenditure, it is investment. In future through this investment organization gets better outcomes.

Example; According to CEO of Starbucks the coffee industry, they give better reward, salary package & maintained good relationship with their employees; So the company continue growing. Conclusion: – This assignment concludes that HRM department is base for organization people. HRM is processers where people are manage, develop skills & knowledge, according to organization goals, objectives. As we learn in this assignment, it’s also motivated, makes good relationship; & for better out come organization invest on employees through better pay & rewards system also.

Recommendation: – According to me HRM sector is basic think for organization, if organization need better outcomes and achieve goals, objective of organization. So they should adopt HRM for their organization. When they adopt HRM department to maintain atmosphere & environment with better system and they achieve future better outcomes. Organizations are safe from internal & external effects when organization have HRM department, as example they safe from employees issues. References: – Links; Employee Relationship derived from, http://www. fibre2fashion. om/industry-article/34/3346/employer-employee-relationship-with-reference-to-textile-industries-in-coimbatore-an-analysis1. asp, Assessed on 12 August 2011 Example of workforce diversification available at www. mars. com/other_policies/diversity. as, Assessed on 26 July 2011. Books; Derek Torrington, Laura Hall, Steven Taylor. 1st ed (2009), Fundamental of HRM: Managing people at Work Briscoe D and Schuller R (2004) International Human Resource Management, 2nd ed. , London: Routledge Sparrow P et alia, (2004), Globalising Human Resource Management.

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