Hrm Ulrichs Model

2 February 2017

?Briefly describe the major features you would expect to find in an HR function which has adopted the Ulrich Model as the basis for its structure.

The HR model as defined by Ulrich (1997) states that HR function should be: 1. Strategic Partners: Sit at the managerial table and contribute to the organisations strategy and alignment of HR strategy. Communicates efficiently with line management. Understands the business environment and drives key business processes and activities 2. Change Agents: Support, facilitate and initiate change, act as a stabilising force for employees in times of change 3.Employee Champions: Takes action to protect the interests and well being of the employees and ensuring they are the voice of the employee. 4.

Hrm Ulrichs Model Essay Example

Administrative Experts: Ensures polices and procedures are up to date, they are legally compliant and have the ability to deliver innovative HR practices in HR recruitment, employee development and communication In the 1990’s Dave Ulrich moved to the three legged stool model for the organisation of the HR Function, this provided – Centres of excellence This is a HR unit or an outsourced facility that provides HR services to a number of parties within the organisation.HR experts provide high level advice and solutions on key services and hr activities such as training and development, recruitment, reward and employee relations. Strategic Business Partners Senior HR Managers work closely with business leaders and line managers to contribute to the overall organisations strategy and align with HR strategy. They understand the business environment and drive key business processes and activities. HRM are expected to be creative Shared Services centres Large organisations provide a centralised HR function which deliver routine HR administration such as payroll, recruitment administration or absence monitoring.

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