Hu Happiness

What defines it and what drives us to it. Andrew Mats June 10, 2013 Art and Humanities: 20th Century and Beyond HI-BOO-14 Instructor: Professor Sarah Kate Stephenson Throughout our lives we encounter a variety of emotions and mental states. One we often seek for varying reasons Is happiness.

Happiness can be defined as a state of LOL and fulfillment that gives us a warm, welcome sense of security and content. Though this basic definition does not state how people can attain this emotion or state of being. As we grow our focus changes and what gives us that emotional espouse changes.So we must ask ourselves how our definition of happiness changes over time. We shall now look and see how our definition changes over time, what schools of happiness we agree with, and what drives us to seek happiness through our actions. For this investigation I was able to discuss with two people of different lifestyles and ages. This small panel should show how we can see a change in priorities through one’s life as well as how having different social statuses can affect views on what brings them happiness and what ideal sets agree with them.

Our first subject as a fellow colleague of mine Many Monetary a man in his early thirties middle class gentleman that works for what he has and single parent. The second subject to the Interview was a man I met on chance while downtown In Norfolk. VA a man by the name of Chauncey Tuberous Magnum Ill. This older gentleman in his late fifties is of upper-class lifestyle and upbringing and is very much the classical “Southern gentleman” a retired man that has lived with financial security and freedom throughout his life.To start these brief talks off I asked simply “What does happiness mean to you? Many replied with “Happiness Is more than an experience, It Is something happened It could be good news, or I won something or someone got me something, a state of mind. It’s not about material things it’s a state of mind. ” (M.

Monetary, personal communication, June 10, 2013) A good full view of what happiness can be and mean to someone. For Chauncey, happiness was defined as more of a state of inner peace.Being left to lounge out in his yard and enjoy the beautiful day, or seeing the fruits of his Investments and labors rewarding him with positive outcomes and growth(C. Magnum Ill, personal communication, June 10, 2013). A more varied view where it can be either purely materialistic or more spiritual and tranquil. We see how simply lifestyles and age can effect one’s views and perception of something like happiness. For some they see the greater picture and more of all that can be associated or encompassed by happiness, while others see inner peace or material gains as a bringing them Joy.

I then went on to see how they came to their present deflation and has their view your definition changed over time. ” Chauncey replied with “When I was a younger man I did not take pride nor Joy in the work I was responsible for, I didn’t take kindly to taking care of my yard and my investments were not well managed or yielding gains of the magnitude that I desired. ” (C. Magnum Ill, personal communication, June 10, 2013). Going on he stated “Now having lived my working years and having them nearly behind me I understand and appreciate the responsibilities to which I have attained for myself.I enjoy the now minor upkeep on my grounds that results from years of spending my weekends taking care of my lawn and landscaping which so icily completes my residence. I see the importance of having my investments properly managed and overseen by experts and yields that I am far more pleased with.

” (C. Magnum Ill, personal communication, June 10, 2013) I found it interesting to see that though his views were similar from now as they were then that he understands the rewards of working and appreciates them more.Many told me that as a child he got Joys from affection from his parents be it a simple hug from Mom or when Dad bought him a new toy, whereas now he sees Joy in family still but e sees happiness in himself when he sees the people around him happy as well (M. Monetary, personal communication, June 10, 2013). In looking at one particular school of happiness I asked my interviewees if they felt the Epicurean ideal of happiness is achieved through avoiding pain as much as possible.Chauncey told me that while we should not actively seek anything that maybe harmful to us we learn from pain and loss; it’s our fear of getting hurt that we cannot allow to control our actions into moving into a proverbial bubble(C. Magnum Ill, personal communication, June 10, 2013).

Many sees the denying pain is hiding from your feelings, you may project that things are k and your peers may not think anything is bothering you, however on the inside something is bringing you down and eating away at you, and your being until it reaches the surface (M.Monetary, personal communication, June 10, 2013). I found Mayans thoughts on repressing the pain and hiding your true self from everyone is something that we often overlook. When we see the increase in school violence or suicides in young people, how many times are people that know them surprised to even find out there was a problem. We have to look beyond the surface for the ones we care about. One of the most interesting questions I asked for this brief interview was “Do you think people do good deeds to feel better about themselves or to bring happiness to others? My colleague Many responded by saying, “l think it’s a bit of the catch 22 where people are being selfish by being selfless. They do the good deeds to feel better about themselves.

” He went on to recall a time when he saw a poor and hungry man at a diner late night and bought him a meal, though he did it out of the undines of himself he also did it to feel like he was positively contributing to the community doing his good deed to propel the community positively (M.Monetary, personal communication, June 10, 2013). When I asked Chauncey the same question he told me, “Well my good man, I do see how in these disparaging times that we look for the silver lining to our days. The stories of moral triumph, while we a nation are facing moral dilemmas on a daily basis, a country that grows weak financially and in spirit. So we either decide to try to make a difference for our own self-fulfillment and tat without the concern of who sees us in the midst of our generosity. ” (C.Magnum Ill, personal communication, June 10, 2013) A rather interesting perspective on how today’s society acts and what motivates people in their daily lives and actions.

Looking at the responses from the two gentleman polled we can see how there are some universal ideas on the definition of happiness, and a difference in what certain ideals on the pursuit of happiness, all the while giving us a different motivation to bring happiness to others. Looking at the difference of age, experience and social tutus as factors to influence what happiness means to someone we can see how they came to their own conclusions.

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