Hu Music

3 March 2018

When I got older I remember listening to bands like Air Supply, Aerostatic, Journey, Chicago,(Chicago was a band that was listened to and still is) and Led Zeppelin.

My mom would play her records when she was cleaning up the house. I always remember her dancing and making cleaning look like it was so fun! (Now I know better! ) I always have music playing when am cleaning now too. My children are also the same way; I guess I am passing it on to them. What music do you associate with adolescence? Was this music a way to fit in or rebel?The music that associate with my adolescence is any sic from the sass’s. Loved all of it! I would listen to any of the “Big Hair” bands like Poison, Deaf Leopard, Kiss, Winger, White Snake; I could go on and on! Also liked to listen to pop too. I went through a phase where I loved Duran Duran, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Madonna, Cindy Lapper and different artists like them. To this day I can still sing along with any of these bands and it will take me back to my carefree days of hanging with friends or being in high school.

Certain songs will actually remind me of things was doing at the time when first heard the song! Yes, I also went through a rebellious stage too. There was a time when I thought that listening to bands like Two Live Crew was so cool! Now I wouldn’t let me kids listen to it!! I think that the type of music that listened to was because enjoyed listening to it at the time not because I was worried about fitting in. Have always been the type of person that music plays a huge factor in my life. I listen to music more then I watch T. V. Always have the radio on whether I’m at home or in the car. L told my kids that I need an I Pod for my birthday).

Eave tons of tapes and CO’s that I would love to have put onto an Pod so that could listen to them at anytime. What music do you associate with comfort? How do these songs help you deal with disappointment or stress? The types of music that I associate with comfort would be songs from when was a teenager or songs that really say something to me. By listening to the songs from my youth it takes me back to being young and in control of my life. I had no worries then. I looked at the world as something that I would take by storm.When I am stressed out I like o listen to music that is upbeat in tempo and a little on the angry side. I like to listen to Sammy Hussar’s “l Can’t Drive 55”, or Judas Priest’s “Hell Bent for Leather”, to name a few.

To relax I like to listen to Shania Twain, Cheer, or Pat Beneath. This is the type of music that you can sing along with and it brings up my mood. What music do you associate with happiness? Why? There are so many kinds of music that associate with happiness. For me it really depends on what kind of mood I am in. Different songs mean different kinds of happiness.

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