Human Anatomy

To persuade my audience that the sale of human should be legalized Thesis: The sale of human organs should be legalized Introduction Attention Getter: There is a large shortage of organ donors in the US. When it comes to kidneys over 87 00 people are in need, but only 17, 000 Americans get each year while more that 4600 die waiting Significance of Topic: Many of you may someday know someone who needs and organ such as a kidney and will be waitlisted for a long time whilst being robbed of several years of their life.

Establishment of Ethos: I researched the figures relating to organ need and donation and learned a lot about the vast shortage that exists. Thesis: The sale of organs should be legalized Preview: I will discuss the reasons why human organ sale is ethical and how selling organs will decrease the shortage of organs available. Body I. Legal sale of human organs is ethical to some extent. A.

A quote from 2012 article β€œGifts of the Heart and other tissues: Legalizing the Sale of Human Organs” written by J. Boyer says β€œWe buy and sell body parts all the time, we just don’t call it that. ” The essence of this article is that everybody benefits from the donation of organs except the donor. Thousands of dollars are changing hands between doctors, hospitals, medical transport companies, and insurance companies in completely legal business transactions for these donated.

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