Etiquette and custom defines proper and improper behavior that can result in social disapproval. Morality and religion is concerned with right, wrong, and sin. Law is concerned with legal and illegal behavior defined by legislative or judicial bodies and can result in punishment. Another defines each of these approaches. Ethics is the determination of appropriate or inappropriate behavior as defined by an educated conscience and reason. Ethical questions and issues are not new and can be evaluated through a wealth of resources. a)Purpose of the study

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II. Discussion of the Areas Ethical Behavior is good Business This includes the most important person in business, customer. Short term profit at the cost of losing a customer is long term death for business. A reputation for ethical decisions builds trust in your business among business associates and suppliers. Strong supplier relationships are critical to a successful business. Consider the problems you might have if you could not supply what the customer needs… at the time that they need it. The entrepreneur is the role model for employees.

If behavior includes lying to customers, taking money out of the cash register, or taking home some of the inventory or supplies, you cannot be surprised if your employees follow your lead. Your family members may see the business as their own and take things that really belong to the business. Employees may see this as being dishonest, or as a conflict with their needs for a raise in pay. The community expects your business to operate in an ethical manner that enhances the image of the community as a whole. If you are located in a mall, for example, your code of ethics will help or hinder customer traffic for the other businesses too.

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