Human Body and Automobile

1 January 2017

An automobile and the human body are similar in that they both function in the same way. This similarity is unexpected because we would not expect that an automobile and the human body have similar things in common. I will show a few things that the two have that most people would never put the two together. The human body has to have food, fuel, in order for it to function properly. The food that we eat fuels out body in that gives us energy to perform efficiently in our daily tasks.

When the food, fuel, is processed through the amazing bodies functions its process produces waste, what we know as fecial matter. This is similar to a automobile because it has to have gas, fuel, to operate and function properly as well. When gas, fuel, is added to the automobile it makes the automobile run properly. As the, human body, the automobile produces waste. The waste a automobile puts out is known as exhaust. Another similarity is the kidneys in the human body. The kidneys is a filter for the human body. The kidneys perform the essential function of removing waste product from the blood and regulating the water fluid level.

Human Body and Automobile Essay Example

As well the oil filter in a automobile has a similar process. The oil filter is a part of the oiling system on a internal engine. The filter takes the dirty oil and removes the metal particales from the oil. The clean oil is recirculated through the engine after leaving the filter. Lasty, another similarity that the human body has is the human heart. The heart is a powerful organ responsible for the circulation of the blood and delivery of oxygen and important nutrients throughout the body. The heart is responsible for the pumping into the pulmonary artery and the aorta. The plasma of the blood is pumped around the veins in the human body.

Like wise the engine is the heart and soul of your automobile, but instead of pumping plasma blood around veins, the engine compress a mixture of fuel and air. The main focus of the engine is to transform air and fuel into motion. This causes the pistons to move up and down to make the automobile to be able to drive down the road efficiently. In conclusion, the human body and a automobile do have very similar functions. The human body is a very complex system. It is ironic that a automobile has very similar functions. They both need fuel to perform, they both put out waste, they both have a filter that cleans and they both have a heart.

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