Human by Civil Twilight

8 August 2019

Civil Twilight is defined as the period when the sun has gone 6 degrees below the horizon, which ensues in the brightest stars being visible in the sky. Just like this brilliant spectacle in the sky, this also perfectly defines the album “Human” by the alternative band “Civil Twilight”. The lead singer’s voice is a mixture of Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin, and a mixture of Onerepublic. The album is masterfully crafted to vividly portray the most powerful of human emotions. The album starts off with “Anybody Out There”. The song gives off a sense of loneliness and want. The song stirs up these feeling by creating a scene of no dependency on anything right when the going gets tough. The album continues with songs that build up to a pre-climax type feeling. In the song “Letters from the Sky”, which has been heard on various TV shows ranging from “The O.C” to “Harpers Island”. The Song ultimately gives off this aura of emotions. The song has very liquefied and smooth lyrics that enable the listener to relate to the frustrations in the song. The song has intense moments in which the feeling of being accepted and loved is a prominent symbol. Ensuing is the song “Trouble” that really does a good job at portraying that wild and bad side within everybody. The next song on the album, which also happens to be the penultimate song, is “Human”. Human is a riveting, emotion driven roller coaster. The song tends to spark the question, “what makes us human?”. The song is beautifully sang and just brings out the innermost thoughts, which happen to be the deepest, but brightest thoughts. The album then ends with a high note that wraps all of the songs together and gives a sense of completion and happiness. The album takes you through all the phases of twilight. The album starts at a civil twilight, in which the album starts off as a sense of brightness and brilliancy. The album then enters a twilight, in which the wonders and magnificence of the night is shown, leaving dawn to remain. The album ends with a bang, and an emergence of ingeniously crafted lyrics and a powerful al fine.

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