Human Freedom

1 January 2017

For example, deportation is not an act of human freedom. This means to me that only U. S. citizens have freedom. Even the U. S. conforms a certain amount of control on people. Cell phones and computers have become a tracking device to watch our every action. In another article, the definition of human freedom is said to “vary in every culture and political ideology”. It also says “they have no right to say which one these definitions are correct,” from “Freedom and the Human Being” by Fabio Fermi. I totally agree that each culture’s social freedom is very different.

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The U. S. has the “Declaration of Independence” to define human freedom. Further us, the human race and society, conforms how much human freedom each person deserves or earns. Social categories that may/are affected by human freedom are Employment status, wealth, marital status, education level of adults and many others. Employment statuses are affected in numerous ways. Human freedom allows an employee to speak one’s mind, whether good or bad. This trait of freedom of speech may change the employee’s employment status either way.

Some companies like a free spirit, and others just want you to be a robot and just work with no opinions against the companies’. The wealthy category is affected almost the same ways, individualism and opinionated responses may make or break your financial growth. Marital statuses may be affected in the way we are able to choose who we marry. Giving adults human freedom also pays a toll on their continued education. Since in this day in time college is a luxury, many adults have chosen to go straight to work to make a living and put school on the back burner.

I believe human freedom has been the best and the worst all at the sometime. The weaker minded have a hard time taking advantage of making their own decisions based on their own individual thoughts and judgment. Also those that are determined to make the “right” decisions throughout life, make it hard for any person to learn from human error due to free will. In Karl Marx excerpt on evolution he says, “Concerned ultimately with human freedom, reviving the ancient concept of communism, wherein human beings could fulfill the cooperative roles within society without fear of exploitation. Believe he means we can now have no fear of losing social status for speaking our minds and doing, not what society expects, but what we need/want to do. These growths in human freedom have shocked the older generations, they are not as open to change and evolution as our generations is. In the early 1900’s woman were not expected to speak their mind on issues of any importance, that way left for the “more important Man”. Now it is considered sexist not to include at least on woman on every board of decisions.

Most companies must now employ a certain percentage of women, elderly and African Americans to meet the criteria for equal rights and opportunity laws. I think women and African Americans were the two categories that have had the most noticeable change over the past hundred years. I am so proud of the growth as a human race, since I was growing up. Though human freedom exists, Society conformity has blocked some of the freedom part. Our society has become so concerned with how others see them that they are not using the freedoms that so many before us fought to have.

We seem to think that freedom just exists and don’t bother ourselves with the how and why behind human freedom. If we can take more time to appreciate what our parents and grandparents fought for, I feel me would more value the freedoms we have now. Some of them are: Freedom of speech, press and sexuality. Along with us looking back to remember, the older generations need to look forwards and loose the “old school” ways. If these two improvements for the respect of human freedom are taken care of, our society would get along better within the different classes and statuses, rather than excluding individuals due to their title, as they have or many years before us. References *Berkouwerr, G. C. (1962).

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