Dominance In society humans use stratification to organize groups of people. In doing so they are creating what Is known as a social hierarchy. social hierarchies show one of the ways humans achieve asserting dominance over others. waning to assert dominance over others and be “above them” Is human nature, whether It Is asserting dominance over the opposite sex or one society over another. In history the human nature of asserting dominance over the opposite sex happens quite often. In The Life and Words of an ‘ Woman, Nisa is explaining her life in the San people society and Is unknowingly showing the inequality of the exes.

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She has Just gotten married to Tashay and is unhappy, but the village people tell her that a husband is a good thing, but “Even tomorrow, while you are crying, Tashay may kill an animal. But when he returns, he wont give you any meat; only he will eat. ” (Nisa 39). This inequality also happens in the aboriginal societies of Australia; however the story behind why the inequality is there is explained differently In Stories from the Dreamtime. According to oral history of the aboriginal societies a woman, Mutjinga, was in charge of all of the ceremonies, good fortune, nd dead spirits, but she goes mad and begins to crave the flesh of men.

So she begins to use her dark magic to attack men and eat them, but one day she is killed by her disloyal granddaughter and her granddaughters father and brother. The tether then assumes MutJlnga’s power “And to this day, the men have kept the power. ” (41). This story shows how the male leader aborigines were able to justify their assertive dominance over the women. Also In the highlands of central Kenya the Glkuyu display the same inequality of the sexes. However, this society Is more relaxed In the ensue that women are allowed to do things, but they cant move up In the social hierarchy.

In Facing Mount Kenya, Kenyatta explains the Job division between the two sexes and also how men can move up in

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the social hierarchy by achieving new labels such as “Senior Elder” (Kenyatta 72-73). Similarly the Mesopotamian culture shares the same inequality of the sexes. However, they take it a step further and put the patriarchal ideas into their laws, All of the laws about women have the sense to them that women are an item owned by men. Throughout history society has conformed to the human nature of wanting to assert dominance over others to e “above them” in the inequality between men and women.

In history humans have showed the human nature of wanting to assert dominance over others in the competition between societies. In Germania, Tacitus explains how the Germans are inferior to the Romans, therefore putting Rome above Germany. He goes on to explain all of the things about Germany that make them so subordinate to the Romans. Like how they are only tit tor small amounts of work “(and) They are less able to bear laborious work. Heat and thirst they cannot In the least endure; to cold and hunger their climate and their sill Inure them… (Tacitus 69).

Similarly societies try to assert their dominance over one another by making their religion or their version of a religion more widely followed. In this case In The explain Christianity to China. They use the four laws of Dharma “The first law is no desire… The second law is no action… The third law is no virtue… The fourth law is no truth. ” (463-464). These laws helped Christianity to spread into China which spread the Christian religion, therefore gaining the Christian society more allies and partners to set themselves above there enemy religions with.

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