Human Rationality vs. Animals

4 April 2015
This paper analyzes the differences between humans and animals.

This paper examines the various characteristics that separate man from animals specifically the trait of rationality.
“Seeing things from the philosophical point of view, according to philosopher John Stuart Mill, rationality is summed up into having five qualifications: #1. Deduction: example: All seagulls are white. (major premise) This bird is black. (minor premise) Therefore this bird is not a seagull. (conclusion) #2. Induction: example: From particulars, we go to universals; example: After putting my hands in the fire a lot of times, I concluded fire burns. #3. Comparison: example: We compare and contrast then conclude something, we generalize. #4. Goals / Ends: example: Substantive rationality, we think and plan for future wants and needs. #5. Means / Tools: example: Instrumental rationality, we use means for an end. John Stuart Mill also broke down man as a person into having six distinctive qualities. #1. Personality, #2. conscience, #3. rationality, #4. feelings, #5. love, and #6. knowledge.”
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