This will also allow for consideration of suitable internal candidates for Job promotion by recognising relevant talent. The HR Function saves Management time ensuring selection of the most skilful and competent person from the high volume of applicants at the time. This will allow for Management to then select from a ‘premium’ pool of shortlisted candidates. When successful In this endeavour, HR will provide support to the organisation strategy. Training and Development HR function plays an important role in developing a culture of continues learning. HR will identify training and development needs of existing staff and meeting those needs.

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HR would do this by either arranging training with a sourced provider or done internally. HR would establish a system which creates an environment conductive to learning through experience, coaching, mentoring and self-learning In addition to the traditional ways of training and development. Tralnlng and development will be aimed at improving the performance of individuals and groups of the organisation. HR would ensure all new employees undergo induction training ensuring all are ompliant with relevant aspects of their Job. This will allow for a uniformed approach in introducing new employees to company and the culture of the organisation.

HR will maintain and monitor all employee personal development records and ensures company Is getting best out of employees. In turn employees feel valued and see that company is invested in helping them attain personal growth. Training and development leads to improved profitability and more positive attitudes towards proflt orientation. Performance Management The alm of managing performance Is to continuously Improve the performance of lays an important role in developing the company strategy in addition to handling the employee focused activities of the organisation.

According to Schwind Das and Wagner, “Human Resource Management aims to improve the productive contribution of individuals while simultaneously attempting to attain other societal and individual employee objectives. ” HR can also ensure the employees in the organisation embrace the company’s philosophy and business principles and therefore create a cohesive work environment. For all the reasons in this report is why HR function should be retained.

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