Human Resource Management in the 21st Century

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the issue of human resource management in the 21st Century while also providing a history of this practice.

This paper traces the history of human resource management leading to the modern day. It examines the difficulties and challenges which are faced in this profession as well as the conveniences which are experienced due to breakthroughs in technology.
From the paper:

“In today’s ever-changing business world Human Resource management is an integral part of a companies success or failure. Human Resources departments balance the demands of several different roles: business partner, internal consultant, operational and administrative expert and both employee and employer advocate. (Brown, 1998, para 8)

The modern ideas of HR management have their roots in early 20th century theorem and New Age innovation. The managing of people, as a resource vs. just personnel is an improvement pioneered in the latter half of the past century. Differing schools of thought exist on the best way to achieve HR enlightenment. Some value structures while others take a more free form approach. Whatever the dogma, the ultimate desired end result is a competitive advantage over the competition and staying power in a volatile business environment.

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