Human Resource Management Roles Essay Sample

All companies. organisations. and offices have the demand for a individual or a squad who can efficaciously actuate their staff. and guarantee that all policies are followed and enforced. This section is called the human resources or “HR” section. Harmonizing to “Www. enterpriser. com” ( 2013 ) . human resources is defined as – “The section or support systems responsible for forces sourcing and engaging. applicant trailing. accomplishments development and trailing. benefits disposal and conformity with associated authorities regulations” ( parity. 1 ) . This one section has the duty to non merely the company/ organisation. but to the employee as well- they are expected to maintain path of every recorded needed to maintain a concern running decently.

In the wellness attention puting the HR section is responsible for so many more facets than merely the definition given antecedently. This section or individual is responsible for maintaining path of go oning instruction credits for both employees and physicians. doing certain that all labs within the office stay accredited.

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guaranting that the proper safeguards and preparation are accessible and enforced when it comes to federal ordinances such as HIPAA and OSHA. ailments from patients. and working with the upper direction squad to maintain all communicating lines unfastened and information shared as necessary.

HR is at that place for the employee every bit good. In the medical field there can be many things that an employee can digest that a “lay person” may ne’er encounter- such as decease. disease. utmost unwellness. and calamity. The HR section is at that place to give support and supply avenues to the employee to do certain they get reding and therapy if needed to do certain the employee is mentally alright. Lower degree employees- or employees who are non considered directors. in the medical field are considered to be “line employees” . and HR staff are considered to be “staff employees” . The definitions of line and staff employee’s are described by Mejia. Balkin. and Cardy ( 2010 ) . “line employees are straight involved in bring forthing the company’s good’s. or presenting the services” and staff employee’s as “those who support the line function” ( p. 3 ) . In the medical field a line individual can be considered a medical helper. nurse. physician. and all front office forces. HR section helps employees understand their benefits. and resources available to themselves and their households. HR can do a difference when there is struggle on the occupation as well- they are considered to be the employee advocator if needed by the employee and the hatchet man for the employer if necessary.

To set it lightly the HR squad or HR section has decidedly got their custodies busy. They carry a batch of duty to the people they work with and for. Without and HR section carry throughing their responsibilities right and expeditiously staff may non acquire paid right. federal regulative bureaus could close the office/ company down for failure to mandate with OSHA and HIPAA conformity. and at that place would non be incentive plans in topographic point to lure the staff. HR is at the bosom and psyche of the medical and dental office. and they are needed to decently keep and run an office. organisation. or medical company.


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