Human Rights

2 February 2019

On June 11, 1776 Thomas Jefferson was in charge of a committee of five brilliant men who introduced the Declaration of Independence to the world. This was a very important message to all people because it was document trying to abolish slavery and the wrong doings of society. Also the Declaration of Independence was given to the Second Continental Congress to approve the work that had been done to support changes that occurred mostly in the Southern States. But Jefferson was highly upset because they made changes to the document without consulting him. No matter if a person is a different race, religion, or have a different political view they still should be treated equal as anyone else. Living in today’s society there is a variety of discrimination that goes on with people or things that we feel are different. We are so judgmental on things or situations that we are not use to, or more like the variety of changes within other cultures. I think that every citizen in the world should be able to vote, have an education, also should be able to choose their own occupation, and also should have the rights to freedom of speech, and religion. Being able to vote changes the choices of many people opportunities in life. It also allows people to express their feelings about the way things are being done in the world. It is very important for everyone to have a basic education. Having a good education takes you a long ways in life; it also opens doors for people to have successful lives. Also having a good occupation determines how you function or maintain in life. But most importantly it helps prepare you for growth in the future. I personally feel that freedom of speech, religion is the two most important human rights that we have because it defines a variety of options in life. Having the right to freedom of speech gives many people confidence with themselves to say what they feel is true. Also having the freedom of religion gives many people the opportunity to value and practice their beliefs and customs. I t also gives them much hope and joy to practice their traditions of religion. The reasons why I have chosen these topics to be the most human rights are because they are issues that concern many people. I truly think that everyone should be able to participate in anything that makes them proud. Being human comes with many instructions but it is up to us to set standards for ourselves, also to believe in what we think is right. Also having rights to live by gives us discipline and guidance towards what we want to approve or accomplish. In conclusion, to everything that I mentioned in the passage having rights is a very serious and important privilege to have. Being able to have rights is a challenge for some people because they use there power in ways that they should not. But I think that everyone should try to come with a solution to enforce the rights and guidelines so that we can have a dedicated and leading world to live in just by the changes that they make themselves. In order to make these rights impact on other people lives we the people have to come together to make a difference within the world.

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