Human Rights Education and Curriculum

This paper looks closely at the problems in the educational system in Pakistan. The author argues that if human rights organizations are to strengthen the preventative aspects of their work and make social education a cornerstone of their activities, they must meet this need, and work out the methodologies for doing so very carefully.
“In 1995 a group of individuals, alarmed with the potential impact of the prevailing situation in Karachi on children, started looking at practical ways to deal with this issue. They felt that the long term aim of creating a civil, humane and peaceful society could be met if children were given a socially relevant education that creates opportunities to understand, appreciate and internalize the whole spectrum of human rights issues. Through intervening by positively altering children’s attitudes, values and perceptions with regard to human rights and motivating them to take greater interest in their communities and interact with them, it was felt that a foundation could be laid for a stronger society in future.

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