Human Rights Violations

4 April 2015
A look at the history and causes of human rights violations.

This is a personal paper looking at human rights issues. The author looks at trends in human rights violations stating that a majority of them occur in a region and/or time period where there is little political stability, ethnic or religious issues or just plain civil war.
“To understand the conditions in which a human rights violation would not occur we must first address what a human rights violation is and its function in societies. In class we discussed the idea of first, second, and third generation rights. The first generation rights encompass political and civil rights. Economic and social rights are explained in the second-generation rights. Development and self-determination are covered in the third generation of rights. All three generations outline a human’s inherently given rights according to where they are born and the culture that they stem. These rights are supposed to be guaranteed by the governments in which they live under. However, there are times in history when those rights have been purposefully violated in order to benefit another group of the society. When this happens it is said that a human rights violation has occurred. In short, one group’s rights being sacrificed for another group’s rights.”

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