Human Sexuality Paper

When I was assigned this paper, I wanted to choose a paraphilia that I misunderstood the most. People who have sexual sadism disorder have frequent fantasies about sexual arousal results from inflicting psychological or physical suffering on a sexual partner, even humiliation and pain. This isn’t just a common act of rough sex. In the worst cases sexual sadism involves rape, torture, and even murder, the death of the victim produces sexual excitement.

People who take their sexual addiction to these levels need psychiatric help or to be jailed. The arousal for these people is the terror in which they see in their victims. However, not all cases of sadism are so serious. Some are also people who do not torture so bad. This is known as sadomasochism. With this disorder, people are incredibly aroused by being tied up by their partner. Many normal couples use spanking, tying up, and a bit of force for fore play. This is not to be mistaken with sadism.. This is actually very common and kind of a fad now.

There are sex stores that sell the type of products for this type of foreplay such as collars, whips, and all types of toys. There are a number of psychological theories about sadism. Most are based off of cases studies. Freud had two different views on the sadism. First he thought that aggressiveness with sexuality was urges. But he also thought that early in life children may have witnessed a sexual act or sex of their parents when they were just children.

There were also psychologists that though that children developed sadism when their caretakers bring sexual pleasure and deny it when initiating toilet training or prevent asturbation. Psychologist sometimes believe that a person develops a psychological imprint during some earlier sexual experience at times.. Others believe that it is a slow process that relates back to when the individual becomes aroused and they then remember and reinforce it later in life during sex. A lot of men when asked are able to remember incidents in childhood or early adolescent that triggered them to become aroused. Treatment Someone with sexual sadism may never become known to the public, treatment or law enforcement.

If people can limit their sexual sadism to istinct levels in a relationship, it is very controllable and not harmful if the partner is willing, which often can happen. For the ones who are brought to the attention of police officials the sadism has usually made itself into dangerous activity that have harmed others Conclusion In my thoughts, I feel that many and most people have sexual impulses that they are ashamed of. Most of which are not harmful, however, I do believe that individuals that are harmful to others need other resources and help with their condition to prevent the damage that is possible.

Some hold in urges for so long that they are just simply uncontrollable in the heat of the moment. I feel any individual with these feelings need to seek counseling and try to pin point reasons and ways of subsiding their urges right off the bat. If the person affected is a serious danger to society then society needs to take serious measures to assure everyone’s safety. People who choose not to seek treatment could be just your average next door neighbor who looks and acts completely normal. And then suddenly one day they snap and become a danger to who ever is around them. This is concerning for everyone in society.

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