Humana Corp.

4 April 2015
History, services, financial & market profile, outlook for managed health care company.

Humana Corporation is a publicly held company offering managed health care products which integrate management with the delivery of health care services through a network of providers who share financial risk or who have other incentives to deliver costeffective medical services. Humana separated into two independently companies on March 1, 1993, with Humana retaining the managed care health plan business. The second company, Galen, operates acutecare hospitals and is now part of Columbia/HCA (as of late 1993).
Much of Humana’s early growth (during the 1960s and 1970s) came about as the result of acquisitions, which were increased in size and number during the 1980s. Humana used its growth through acquisition strategy to gain quick entry into new regional markets, and to augment its..

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