Humanities Final Paper

3 March 2018

What art s, is not, and the part God has designed it to play in the life and spiritual experience of every person – using the course material, the Scriptures, and scholarly outside sources. 2. Why it is important for believers to understand what artists are saying, and what tools to use in order to be accurate in our understanding, before accepting Or rejecting the work Of art. 3. What you intend to do in your own family going forward, to ensure that your children and grandchildren will come from a family where culture is understood and allude as part of every Christian’s experience.It is highly encouraged for a Christian to be involved in the world of art, but it is important that the Christian viewer has a good understanding of art before they become too involved or make false assumptions due to a lack of understanding.

For example, nudity is present in a vast amount of art that was created in the past.

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One who is not properly educated on art cannot possibly comprehend what the artist is trying to say through his artwork or understand the tools that were used in creating the art. Because of this, one would simply find the nudity in the art unnecessary and more than likely consider it to be pornography instead of art.This is a huge misconception that can completely destroy one’s perspective on art as a believer since pornography is considered sinful, of course. However, a believer who has a legitimate understanding of the tools used in the making of art can see that there is a huge difference between pornography and nudity in art. Pornography is considered to be nudity that is displayed or looked at for the repose of pleasure, whereas nudity found in art is not for pleasure but is a simple tool that is used for art.This is why it is of such great importance for a believer to understand what an artist is truly presenting in their art and also the tools the artist is using as well.

Art being mistaken for pornography is just one of the many mistaken beliefs that many believers can easily be convinced of if they do not have the proper understanding of art. 1 . What you intend to do in your own family going forward, to ensure that our children and grandchildren will come from a family where culture is understood and valued as part of every Christian’s experience.As far as keeping the culture of art in my future family is concerned, I definitely plan on taking action in this aspect in order to allow my children and grandchildren to receive a proper education and understanding of art in a Christian’s prospective. How do I plan on achieving this goal? Well, there are many different ways that one could go about approaching this challenge, in fact, I plan on using several separate methods to attain this.

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