Humble Beast, Welcome To Fazoland by G Herbo

12 December 2019

G Herbo
Chicago a.k.a Chiraq rapper Herbert Wright III, G Herbo, has been climbing to the top rapidly ever since releasing the song “Kill S***”, a collaboration with another rapper, close friend, Lil Bibby as well with a mixtape from 2014, Welcome to Fazoland. G Herbo prepares himself with one of the biggest stages after growing up in the trenches of Chicago.
22 year old rapper G Herbo first song, “Kill S***” has been the start of his absolute career. Which, such like many other artist, posted on YouTube with over 15 million views. After a short fast come up, G Herbo like many other music artist dropped his first mixtape, Welcome To Fazoland, February 17, 2014 with the label of the Machine Entertainment Group after signing with Mikkey Halsted and Joseph “JB” Bowden, followed by his second mixtape, Pistol P Project, in December 0f 2014.
September 22, 2017 was the date G Herbo released his new album, Humble Beast. The album came from the Chicago rappers way of living, and coming up from the deep trenches ofbeing in the streets. Of course, he wasn’t trying to fixating over making one of the ‘best’ albums ever since his last, but he was focused on delivering one thing to his fans ears: his story. According to Billboard he says, “I didn’t feel pressured to get it out or make the best [project]. It was more of me wanting to make it true to me, true to everything that I am and where I came from.”
Compared to the other albums [mixtapes] G herbo released, Humble Beast is certainly musically bifurcated between soul segments and its street; a “street-soul” making that can surely give his sound some cohesion, and giving his reflective moments a drawn on picture that can only up most the importances.

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