Humbug by Arctic Monkeys

6 June 2019

Released in 2009, “Humbug” by the Arctic Monkeys proved who the real Monkeys fans are. Although the album was widely appreciated by critics, earning a 75/100 rating from Metacritic, many fans prefer the group’s older albums. This new recording takes the carefree teenage style of the band in another direction. It targets people with a taste for songs with deep lyrics and involving instrumentals.
“Dangerous Animals,” the third track, is believed by many fans to be inspired by the sadomasochist relationship described in the book Venus in Furs by Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. “Pretty Visitors” is thought to be about performing a concert.
This is an album you need to be familiar with to appreciate. Each of the songs conquers the listener, slowly but surely.

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