Hunger Games Evaluation

1 January 2017

It is worth every penny. I am a little sad that the translation from The Hunger Games, novel originally written by Susan Collins, to the screen-play written by Gary Ross, left out, what I considered to be several important parts. In my opinion when I go to the movies, to watch a movie based on a book, I go to see the story that I fell in love with brought to life. When I see changes in the story line that seem as though they could have easily been put into the film, were either changed or completely left out.

I can understand leaving out parts for reasons such as not having the budget or time to include them, however the most common reason I hear is to cut down the movies run-time. Which I don’t understand, because filmmakers should know that fans are willing to sit through longer movies. Overall though, the movie was done very well. Gary Ross had the help of Susan Collins in writing the screen-play and they did an adequate job of converting the popular novel into a motion picture. They did not change the overall arcing plot of the storyline and for that I was very pleased.

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Keeping the audience engaged is, in my opinion the primary goal of a movie. Doing so can be a monumental task indeed. It takes harmony on multiple levels, which requires a very skilled team in order to achieve. The Hunger Games, seems as though they had one such team. The sound is very well done, as is the cinematography. Having studied video and film for several years, one thing that I learned was how much bad audio can ruin an otherwise great movie. The reverse is also true for movies that have less than satisfactory video work.

The camera work of The Hunger Games, is complemented very well by the soundtrack, that was carefully orchestrated. It really makes the artistic aspects and vibrant colors come to life. The special effects of The Hunger Games, also known as pyrotechnics, and C. G. I. (computer generated images), such as the city, and wild animals, are done well enough that it is a very real possibility you may forget that what you are watching is an animation. The level of skill that it takes to create such a work of art, is awe inspiring and no small accomplishment.

And when such beautiful artwork is flawlessly combined with live-action film it does nothing but add to the quality of this movie. The acting is the only issue that I have with this movie. Not that the acting is bad by any means, but a few of the actors inferior performance weighed down the film. Although it’s only minimally, the film is still effected. From my observation the issues only come child actors, and their amateur level and inexperience. However I believe that the movie is saved by the lead actresses ability to draw the audience into the wonderful plot.

The Hunger Games, the movie overall was well written, and well converted into the motion picture. With few exceptions that were discussed above, the acting was overall very well done. It is obvious that it was important to the creators to, not only make a movie, but make a work of written art, turned into a work of visual art. And I believe they were very successful. Next time you have the available time, you should treat yourself to this wonderful work of art, and entertainment. Go see, The Hunger Games!

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