They think this is how the infection entered. What is ECMO? Stands for: Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation = outside of the body. It acts as a lung/heart to deliver oxygen into the blood when your body is unable to do so for itself. What did Addie acquire from the ECMO treatment? Picking at her skin/scabs likely introduced her to Community Acquired MRSA. What does pan resistant mean? A bacteria that is resistant to all antibiotics. What is NDM-1?

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New Delhi metallo-? -lactamase-1 is the gene found in some types of bacteria that make the bacteria produce an enzyme that makes antibiotics ineffective. There are no current antibiotics to combat NDM-1 and because drug companies don’t have much incentive ($) to research, no research is being done to combat NDM-1 What do they mean when they refer to NDM-1 as promiscuous? It is non-specific, will target any bacteria and deactivate any antibiotic. What is KPC? Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase. It is resistant to Carbpaenems.

One of the more dangerous strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. People that are critically ill or who have a weakened immune system are most susceptible. What is meant by a silent carrier? A person who shows no symptoms. What fascinated you the most about this documentary? Just how prevalent these super bugs really are and that we have the knowledge that they are out there but the community at large still wants to treat every little symptom with an antibiotic. I also was interested in the next show on antibiotic use in animals and how this affects us.

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